Classes and Objects with Python – Part 1 (Python Tutorial #9)

Object oriented programming (OOP) in Python – let’s go!

Introduction to Classes and Objects:
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statreq says:

TypeError Traceback (most recent call last)
in ()
—-> 1 r1.introduce_self()
2 r2.introduce_self()

in introduce_self(self)
8 print(“My name is ” +
9 print(“My color is ” + self.color)
—> 10 print(“My weight is ” + self.weight)

TypeError: must be str, not int

We cant put integer in the classes?

Singh Rudra says:

Hi @CS Dojo, thanks for your excellent videos. These are really very helpful 🙂

Thomas Kennedy says:

why did we add color and weight but never call it?

priu star says:

hii yk
could you please share your email id with us?
so that we can mail our questions to you.

Legendary Chicken says:

In my code there’s no space between “my name is” and name. Help?

Basma Khalid says:

How the object can work while it is not defined in class? I mean when you printed My name is Tom

chetan soni says:

But how to access the color and the weight??

Kwame Enoch says:

The way he says “robut” lol

Joseph Leung says:

Can you make more than one constructor?

André Hansen says:

Best learning video i have seen in a long time (and i look at alot). Hope you keep them comming in the future, keep up the good job! 🙂

RAGHU H.K says:

Bro can you please upload videos of complete core java and java script

poop says:

#A Class
class Robot:
#this function is a Constructor
def __init__(self, givenName, givenColor, givenWeight): = givenName
self.color = givenColor
self.weight = givenWeight

def introduce_self(self): #this function prints out the intro
print(‘My name is ‘+ + ‘, and i am ‘+ self.color + ‘ in color, and weigh ‘+ self.weight + ‘g.’)

#An Object of Class: Robot

#r1 = Robot()
#Attributes of Object = ‘Tom’
#r1.color = ‘red’
#r1.weight = ’30’

#r2 = Robot() = ‘Jerry’
#r2.color = ‘blue’
#r2.weight = ’40’

r1 = Robot(‘Tom’, ‘red’, ’30’)
r2 = Robot(‘Jerry’, ‘blue’, ’40’)



Melfice02 says:

whats the shortcut key for adding hashtags to multiple lines?

shailendra kunwar says:

Thanks Dojo and very nice video.

pratik dassani says:

Plz make videos on kotlin

Sumit Juyal says:

Hey man, first of all i’d like to say great vids man keep it up! I just wanted to ask if we can declare default arguments in functions and constructors like C++ and if there is a shorter way to assign attributes and print them?

tango ward says:

subscribed !!!

cheuk yin wong says:

This may be a stupid question, but I wonder how you add multiple hashtags once at 9:17. Many thanks!

krishan malhotra says:

My code is showing the error
TypeError: object() takes no parameters
How to rectify it??
by the way I am using Spyder and not Jupyter

saroj sekhar says:

in my linux kernel .. it’ll show an error

it shows … nameError Robot is not defined

Fisizion says:

can anyone tell me how did he put this “#” infront of every line pls?

Daniel Lei says:

thanks for the Python Tutorial #, CS Dojo, they’re helpful

River Eder says:

Thank you so much CS Dojo for putting your time into teaching others how to code

Pannaga Sudarshan says:

@csdojo, can you make it more clearer, like when you used that instructor, you passed on “self” inside the parenthesis, so, in C programming , there’s an opportunity to not to use an argument , so is there any such in python , and why did you add ‘ self ‘ again in the parenthesis? hope I get a reply

condor jam says:

You are just amazing keep up ..

Kaushil Kundalia says:

Thanks for your amazing tutorials ! Great help ! Keep this series on ! Python for OO.

Shubbh Mewada says:

Hiii CS Dojo…can we get this application on Android tablet…..if yes then please send the link to download.

Gagan sandhu says:


Sam Mandujano says:

Tech Lead & CS Dojo are the best programming youtubers.

Sathish Kumar says:

Hi Could you please let me know how we can connect the DB2 database thru Python . I installed Anaconda package . Apart from this do we need to install any DB2 packages ?

林子貴 says:

Your videos really help me a lot! Much appreciate 😀

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