Codecademy – Python: Tutorial #1


0:00 — 1. Welcome!
2:15 — 2. Variables
2:53 — 3. Booleans
3:39 — 4. You’ve Been Reassigned!
3:53 — 5. Whitespace
4:42 — 6. Whitespace Means Right Space
4:53 — 7. Matter of Interpretation
5:36 — 8. Single Line Comments
6:55 — 9. Multi-Line Comments
7:20 — 10. Math
8:58 — 11. Exponentiation
9:50 — 12. Modulo
11:52 — 13. Bringing it All Together

Lesson 2: Tip Calculator
14:55 — 1. The Meal
16:06 — 2. The Tax
16:35 — 3. The Tip
19:19 — 4. Reassign in a Single Line
20:37 — 5. The Total

LESSON 1: Strings & Console Output
22:05 — 1. Strings
23:02 — 2. Practice
23:30 — 3. Escaping Characters
25:02 — 4. Access by Index
28:05 — 5. String methods
32:42 — 6. lower()
33:33 — 7. upper()
33:53 — 8. str()
35:23 — 9. Dot Notation
37:17 — 10. Printing Strings
37:47 — 11. Printing Variables
38:12 — 12. String Concatenation

This is part 1 of the Codecademy Python Walkthrough Tutorial. It covers topics like variables, whitespace, comments, math operations, modulo, string formatting, indexing, functions, methods, and string concatenation.


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I have used this book to learn almost all my basics in computer science and this book happens to use the Python programming language which is simply an added bonus due to the simplicity of the Python programming language!

======================= ABOUT PYTHON CODECADEMY SERIES =================
This is meant to guide you through the codecademy python part and it also to help you get a much better understanding of the code that you to write according to the instructions on This will help you understand many programming concepts and the concepts that are tricky, I open up an interactive prompt and I will also ask you questions along the way to keep it more interactive for you. I believe teaching only works when you actively engage.

The target audience is beginners or developers looking to pick up Python. I also emphasize the importance of writing good code and I go through the first part really fast.

I will literally be going through every single thing and breaking it down for you so there is nothing for you that would be scary. You can watch me do it and you can simply follow along you will learn ALL the basics. I swear I wish something like this was out there when I started learning because everyone else explains things in such a complicated way and makes it so boring! I honestly think programming is based upon exploration and creativity rather than some mathematical/logical genius frame of mind! I spent a lot of hard work in making this so I hope you guys enjoy and learn something out of it while having fun! This is targeted towards beginners, for developers looking to learn python, or for individuals looking for a refresher on basics in computer programming!!

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It is very hard to see your screen. The letters and numbers do not stand out , and
are very small. And yes, I did zoom in to make it a little better, but not much.

Fraser Muir says:

27:20 It took you a while there didn’t it!

garvit maheshwari says:

hey man, really appreciate your effort
just completed basic python course from your website and just wanna say you really are good at teaching, you made programming look fun.
you are my mentor and thanks for all this tutorials.

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Thanks,you helped me ALOT for python.

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i got a question when i typ my_variable = 10 i get a blank screen does that mean non?

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Ur amazing

Dragan Vatic-Gagi says:

I tried to solve this exercise “Bringing it all together” and keep saying : Syntax Error ; Invalid Syntax on monty_python **2?

Alexey Yavlyukhin says:

Clever Programmer is codecademy a useful resource to learn Javascript?

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Your heavy swallowing is distracting, lol. Otherwise, excellent video!!!!! Thanks for sharing.


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What else do you do and do make a lot of money from coding?

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what languages do I need to learn to become a bug bounty hunter?

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great work bro.. i am learning python on codecademy .. and dis videos really helps me out..

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Hey, I decided to start into coding and I’m not sure if I should open a tab of code academy and work with you while you’re explaining things in the video or if I should just watch the video and take down notes.

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