Functions – Python 3 Programming Tutorial p.6

Learning how and why to use Functions in Python.


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Błażej Lewandowski says:

I have all notifications turned off for this channel and i got notifications everyday. Just stop.

Unexpired Bread says:

I’m so confused about networking in python so could you do an easy socket programming video?


just a single word >> BEST

Nikita Paskal says:

Why u don’t use pyCharm?

Swapneel Mohite says:

1:03 funny

FmForest says:

Why are you using enumerate()? Isn’t it simpler without it?

Oskar Norman says:

+=1 here 🙂 What color scheme are you using ?

Moha Amiin says:

Sendex i saw u in turkey konya
Specialy konya gida ve trim university

Jashwanth Official says:

Are technical skills that important to learn professional skills?

Mohamed Samir591195 says:

could you make a tutorial video for preparing sublime for python development on windows and ubuntu ?

_ King says:

Hi, is there any online portal for practicing python? I use anaconda but I would like a convenient way to use python without the hassle of installing conda! Thanks

Lank Asif says:

sentdex  Again, I love your vids and can’t tell you how wonderful you are to the world of curious-to-be-programmers – so ya cool in that sense….. BUT ya still got dem trailing commas!!! aaaaaah!
Jokes, I know ya said you’d keep em for me lol.

Keep up the great work my friend.

Zoltar 358 says:

Can you tell what is the name of a font you are using in the editor? Really nice one.

Slava Rubalchenko says:

thanks for these tutorials! I wasn’t coding on Python for a long time, so I forgot about everything. And now I watch your tutorials to remind it!

Nick Chamberlin says:

I feel I’ve been waiting years… Has it been years? 9 minutes…

Kevin Vandy says:

why couldn’t you just upload it like a normal person?


Pleasee, Don’t forget about Halite 3.

TheHornet79 says:

1:02 lol!

PostHumanOriented 8472-1488 says:

The tone of these tutorials with the “Be Patient, You’ll Soon Understand” attitude really helps not get so hung up on new concepts. Takes the frustration out of it for me.

The Philosopher says:

Thank you so much man!

Nguyễn Văn Tín says:

i love you,

MIGuy says:

what is the cost when time is critical in a control system and space is not a factor nor is creation/maintenance? Only interested in exection time.

Advay Mehta says:

i think the way of this type of learning is pretty good but these videos are two short… I guess …… function and function parameters in two different videos i think that’s too short video with low content and concept…plz improve it …..i am fan of yours…..

Nick T says:

You know this is a programming channel when nobody is hating on his University of Alabama sweatshirt

TheFefiiiii says:

Sentdex could hou make a tutorial on webscrapers and putting scraped data into a txt or csv or whaterver file format? but making a script with functions?

import requests
import bs4 as bs

url = ‘ ‘

def parseData(url):

def storeData():

Wilfred de Vries says:

@3:20 ; `this_style` is called snake case, btw.

In Atom, you can hit `tab` when you’ve selected text and it will tab over (shift+tab) to untab.

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