How to Learn Python Tutorial – Easy & simple! Learn How to Learn Python!

Ex-Google Tech Lead teaches you how to learn Python Programming in this tutorial. You will learn the fundamentals of how to learn Python, server backends and frameworks, databases, frontend, pet projects, and examining what is involved in learning how to set up a Python project that can help you land a job in tech!

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Rylan Fowers says:

Python is an awesome language! Coding is something you have to do to learn. I hope everyone learns it, I’m trying to help people learn it myself. Thanks for sharing!

Awakened Sleeper says:

yes – read a book

Rishabh shah says:

one video for python ml or python library

Charalambos Kyriakou says:

Mostly I agree, this is very good advice. I would argue about watching videos to learn though, more specifically when you are trying to understand more advance material on the language there are always a few people with some great example videos that could help you understand difficult concepts.

Tornado air says:

For those who want to learn Python

Elf Machine says:

Step 1 – Stop being lazy.

ryvrdrgn15 says:

Thanks! I guess you could have included your opinion on sites like Codeacademy or Sololearn (interactive tutorials), even if you already made it clear that people should go to the source material first and foremost.

zores2 says:

How I learned modern web 2.0 tech. Just build a CRUD webapp which is what most webapps are. Use python to output json data. Parse the json data with your front end javascript. Learn how to write a json object and submit it all to the backend. Parse the submitted json object in backend and store to database. Do all this using AJAX. Voila, you’ve learned Web 2.0 webapp stacks.

TheDyingFox says:

For me, if the “books” are fun and entertaining and the examples fit with something I’m interested in, then yes, they are faster than a video.
If not then nothing gets stuck in my head and I start yawning. _Which is quite a drag of a learning limitation._

Saswot Tripathy says:

I am a beginner in coding. I am confused between java and python . I am very much interested in machine learning which one to choose. Please ,help me out of this confusion.

Antony Ndungu says:

Great advice, applies to all Programming languages

Mohamed Atef says:

Hey TechLead, Hey everyone.
I want to learn python, specifically for web development, however when I visit the official website tutorial I don’t see topics like networking, security…. etc, all I see are the basic stuff like operators, if statements, loops and other stuff that are usually made for beginners.
I know I must be missing something but I don’t want to get into every chapter and learn about stuff I already know about, so please if anyone can just post me a link to a specific page on the website which includes applications with python (specifically web development) I would be grateful, thanks.

Zephry says:

My goal is to understand the syntax of programming languages, I don’t really care about jobs I’m 16, and I want to l want to learn for myself I want to make my own projects personally I’m using code academy even though a book may be a good way to learn you have to understand people learn is many different ways I’m more of a hands on type of person and when I learn I like to have interactions if that makes sense, I may use the book for reference and studying, but I want to have practical knowledge and skills, and reading a book doesn’t mean development of fully functional website and applications, when I first learned about programming I was 14 I tried to learn lua because that was the language that roblox’s engine used; However I was devastated because I didn’t know what any of it meant, so 2 years later I found out about c# and python and I heard that python was recommended for beginners so I’m going to take that on my wing, and I can already say I’m having better time learning it by projects and by reading, but when you say when people learn from tutorials they are doing it wrong, not really because at the end of the day they still learned something, and when programming especially in other languages its more or less google translate, if you forgot that’s not issue, like you said everything changes, but the way you learn may not be the way other people learn, they should get their feet wet, experiment see what they like the most work on personal projects and when you’re stuck look for solutions or ask for help, and just have fun during the process, because once you learn how to learn, you can learn more things.

Devices For says:

Javascript with nodejs is also a good language these days for APIs, I mentioned it because you seem to neglect JS for server side. One advantage is you just learn one language instead of two for creating a SPA served from a http api.

Raitenshi_ ML says:

hey, i need trasnlation!!

Xpunger says:

I read the title in his voice

v w says:

Can someone please give me the link of the official docs?

Neeraj Vasudeva says:

Very informative!!

Super_Cool_Guy ! says:


Riad Ahmed says:

Very true parallel to you have to digest my sql, java script, php, flux etc created a travel paths for cerrier

Adeodu Adeoye Lato Daniel says:

Pls ,I am one of your fans. Last week I watched video on hybridization of programs which I tried basically I did use Python 3.6.4,the show pop invalid syntax with red colour bleeping on the middle 6 in 3.6.4.what can I do in order the problem may be Solved?.

Eff tee Pee says:

Yo some ppl are illiterate and can only learn from hands on study

Slim Song says:

I was expecting some screen cast.

Zevisto says:

Hi @TechLead I love your videos, all of them, u’re a cool guy, keep up the good work.

Keyur Adhyapak says:

I like the straightforwardness of all of your videos

ifoundthistoday says:

on YT Corey Schafer tutorials are good

Carlos Sanchez says:

You answered absolutely every question I had, over one week of getting started. You’re right, tutorials are interesting at first, but get stale very fast. You’re method is precisely the track I want to be on, full stack learning with objectives and fun. Thank you for your generosity, I appreciate you.

C U says:

Anybody using Python for a security job? Anybody…..

Awakened Sleeper says:

when learning a new coding language, look at the common design pattern problems you always get and work out how to apply – ie – sorting lists, finding values, etc.

Ceko says:

Fun how you can go on for 10 minutes about nothing.

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