Introduction, What is Python? and Basic Arithmetic: Python Tutorial #1

This is the first video in my Python Tutorial Video Series. Python is a very popular programming language. In this introductory video I am discussing little history of the language to basic information about it and then basic arithmetic operations. The tutorial uses Python 3.5.0, the very latest version and the computer is running on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Operating System.

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Karthik Swamy says:

nice explanation fazal


Very Clear explanation
Easy to understand

Adam says:

well done

Swagatika Barik says:

great explanation

Sai Prasad says:

Good tutorial. Nice explain

RoYcE says:


Holy Tech! says:

can I write a user input program in python?????

Bijendra Singh says:

What is Modulo Division

Nikesh Vicky says:

thanks for ur video

Varun N.A. says:

Kalakki bro……:-)

Vinod Kumar says:

Nandhi sahodhara

Chandan singh says:

Python is a powerful high-level, object-oriented programming language created by Guido van Rossum.
It has simple easy-to-use syntax, making it the perfect language for someone trying to learn computer programming for the first time. for more details, you can visit at-

World Facts says:

very much best intro of anything…..

ASHISH Roshan says:

nice ^_^

It’s Matisyahu says:

I’m new to Computer Science and programming, how does it rank with other programming languages and its uses?

Pinto singh says:

I want to ask what output will give this 5//7

arshad arif e k says:

simple…But power ful….go ahead bro>>>>(Y)

Red Devil says:

i have windows 7….so from how i get terminal to start python

C. Shabaiash says:

That was awesome. Is the rest of this series so concise? You explained enough for me to ask questions but not so much that my mind was overwhelmed with info.

sarika says:

why are u leaving sheverons in between

Kasun Senanayake says:

Great sir!

iamthe1234567890 says:

your music effect at start of video is too loud

raghavendra kumar says: how down load python sw


how to use system and what are you python

Nikesh Vicky says:

superrr but us it compulsory to put ameer fazal@in programming

Pradeep Panda says:

Sir what is the use of arithmatics in this software…pls say in details

sathatu charan kumar says:

how much time is needed to learn python first on wards

sandeep chowdary says:

thq for giving information

Vandana Singh says:

How to use it

Sangram Kakade says:

awesome keep it up bro

Christian Rivers nile.s says:


vidhu v gopal says:

good tutorials for beginners..easy to uderstand..nice tutorials..thanks mr.ameer fazal

Mostak Shahriar says:

storing program in hard disk is not clear to me.
suddenly cursor was changed. how?

Muhammed Shameem says:

waiting for more

Namansa Charles says:

i want you to make me more of python programmer

shreejith Surendran says:

Thanks good explaining and revision

Abdul Rehman Mehar says:

Here is a brief intro to python.What is python and why you should choose it???

shawon lipu says:

bro i need more video for python !!! can you help me???

Adam Nemeth says:

Ameer, do you plan on continuing this series about python?
All the best,

Saleena Shamseer says:

Excellent Intro.

Computer helper. says:

plz make next and more videos

Sunil Royal says:

can I get bit more about python programming

RoYcE says:

waiting for more videos

peddineni mahendra says:

bro please update all videos easy to understand

Hafis SainUlAbdeen says:

i am going to change from maths to cs

Krishanu Chakraborty says:

Show these in Windows please.

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