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Lambda expressions – also known as “anonymous functions” – allow you to create and use a function in a single line. They are useful when you need a short function that you will only use once. For example, when using the map, filter and sort methods.


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Python instructor: Ulka Simone Mohanty (@ulkam on Twitter)
Written & Produced by Michael Harrison (@mlh496 on Twitter)


S says:

“named” anonymous functions!

Krishna Gupta says:

Great tutorial !! Thanks .

Pimpaggedon says:

SUBSCRIBED!! This is a bit much for me at the moment since I am just learning programing but wow I love the way she sprinkles in comedy. Now that I found this channel i will search for more Python basics videos!!

Amirely says:

Thank you for your videos!


“Some people do not know how to use the shift key”
This is the greatest truth of the universe.

Skulltruck08 says:

Pero yo no quiero ser un pirata ¿para qué voy a querer saber eso?

Mike Kvaich says:

Wish Google home had this voice lol

My_two_ Cents says:

Fun and concise, love the teaching style!

Erick Cardozo says:

This woman….

PoleReseal says:


Albert Farewege says:

I love this presentation. Humorous, well paced, taught by a computer person or person computer. Thank you!

Djazeiry says:

marry me ?

wolfedog99 says:

So … what is the point of a Lamda? Seems like you can name it similar to a normal function, so why not simply use a normal function; or you just use it once in which case you don’t need a function at all just use standard old inline procedural style code.

David Dung says:

I lost comprehension halfway through the video, this is hard…

Chris Sandoval says:

Thank you sooo much I forgot about the function already and needed a quick review.

Richard Benoit says:

Thanks for the post.

Pierre says:

Triggered! awesome videos 🙂

Ing Brayan Martinez says:

exelente algo original

Wing N. says:

was just thinking of all the programming channels on youtube, haven’t seen a single woman teaching! Then there you are! yay!!!

Sanket Berde says:

The sense of humour is high with this one

Saldae Amazigh says:

this is the best python tutorial ever

Caio Cantuária says:

I just found this channel, it’s kind of cringey but I love it.

PrivateEyeYiYi says:

The GOT reference cracked me up.


More videos please…
A great teaching style.
Would like to see full python course here

Andrew O'Bannon says:

The best explanation I’ve ever heard

Aaron Angert says:

Love the theme and hacker asthetic!

Raju Choudhari says:

Excellent video. Could you please make videos on decorators, generators?

MachineOverlords says:

Please keep doing these videos. They’re a great way to get an overview of a concept and seeing an example before diving into more detail. I’ve watched college professors on Coursera teaching Python and you beat them hands down on content, presentation, examples, and overall watchability(you nail the humor and tenor). Actually, if you had the time and motivation, would you do a full course with quizzes and projects on a site like Udemy, Coursera, etc? You would be a huge hit!

SoupIsReady says:

Very good presentation, but i do think lambda functions make your code less readable therefore i will not use them. Not trying to make the world better here, but you will receive flag from me whenever i read your code reading these type of functions. They are useless. You can do much better by just writing it out, and give the reader of your code a nice pleasure instead. Believe me, you will feel stupid by making your code look stupid, but your readers will thank you. It will in turn increase software quality and colaboration. Imo do not use this kind of stuff.

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