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Learn Python Programming and take your programming skills to the next level in this free screen capture HD video tutorial course. You will start with installing Python and going through your first program, before navigating through the interfaces and moving into Object Orientated Programming. Get access to the full course at a huge 95% discount, which has 8+ hours of HD video at https://www.udemy.com/learn-python-3-from-beginner-to-advanced/?couponCode=PYTHON3

You get a comprehensive free course here covering the basics of Python Programming. The amazing thing is that you will be able to learn this in one day and take your skills to an expert level. Here is a complete list of what you will learn so that you can skip to any important parts.

What you will need before starting
How to Install Python 3.5
Setting up Sublime text to Build Python
First Program in Python
Data Types
How to clear screen
Single line comments
Multi-line comments
Basic arithmetic
Division Characteristics
Operator Precedence
Complex Arithmetic
Binary Number Manipulation
If Statements
Break and continue statements
Defining and Calling functions and returning values
Exceptions and errors
Data input setup and input function
File Management – Reading
File Management – Writing
Build-in Modules
Introduction to Object Orientated Programming
Class Definition and Objection Instantiation
Class Methods – Part 1
Class Methods – Part 2
Operator Overloading
Extra Notes in Python

Get access to the full 8+ hour course which is designed to take you completely through through Python Programming at https://www.udemy.com/learn-python-3-from-beginner-to-advanced/?couponCode=PYTHON3

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I hope you enjoy learning today and we hope to see you in the full course when you’re ready to become an expert. You will have free access to a paid expert every step of the way.


Flare Elite ? says:

İ will save the world with this

Remilekun Williams says:

Hi pls anyone who could help? I’m trying to build an interactive chat system where group of people can interact, like on f.book posts any help plss?

Supriyanta Poddar says:

Just one word for you “WoW”.
But array should be included.

Adam Mead says:

So I ran the infinite loop and broke Sublime Text. FML

Jp Scheepers says:

can someone help dont have color coding ??

aravindh shanmugam says:

will you share this video link

Zain Baloch says:

For the first few minutes, I thought you are a Marketing person

hleek2003 says:

thank you for the video

Mohamad Al Saadi says:

Uhm it says build not found when I do the sublime text, can anyone help me out?

TaiwanHotDog says:

python programmer ‘s salary about NTD 40 K in TAIWAN .

ALEX ADROID 101 says:


Xavier Larson says:

I’m just here at Twelve years old 😀 But I also feel left out because no one likes code 🙁

Suppoman Udemy says:

Get the complete Python course shown in this video, which includes full-time technical support from experienced programmers that will answer your questions at https://www.udemy.com/learn-python-3-from-beginner-to-advanced/?couponCode=PYTHON3

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Thaddeus Nwahiri says:

Please how do i download and install python
so that i can start using it on my computer

JM Mariano says:

I cannot seem to follow. I’m using mac lol. But I’ll continue hehe. 😀 I’m at the beginning anyway.

Flare Elite ? says:

İ have ordered a Python boom from Amazon its coming in a few dats or a week

XOPGAMINGX _300 says:

is it ok to code phyton from my phone?

XOPGAMINGX _300 says:

god damned im switching to phyton

Bharathkumar Teki says:

sir, How to clear python shell screen?

Armanis Bossas says:

Wow, you seem like a in first 3 mins you are a fun and easy person to understand. Can’t wait to watch this tomorrow 🙂

WeisSchwarz says:

I can’t use the open function at 1:16:39. I’ve copied and pasted the directory and added backslashes, yet it says no such file or directory. I’m​ using text editor from the IDLE btw. Any suggestions?

Brawl726 says:

Maybe I missed something out but where can I get Sublime build text file at around 16:46?

cikkser says:

how retarded are people to dislike 10 hours of work. idiots, this guy deserves way more subs

K 9 W O L F says:

that’s euro not dollars idiot

John Smith says:


guglielmo viganò says:


Erik Vassøy Olsen says:

Sublime Text tells me that ‘print’ is not a defined function. Reffering to 18:56 in your video.
How can I solve this?

Flare Elite ? says:

İ will save the world with this

Roberto Fernandez Andersson says:

Hey great video!

When I install the package 1:12:00 I cant seem to find SublimeREPL under my tool bar? :/

Joenha says:

When i want to run print (“‘welcome”) It says [WinError 2]

Brad Botteron says:

anybody know…for some reson around 1:10 you download the sublimerepl. but it won’t show up in my tools tab after I’ve already moved it into the packages folder?

K 9 W O L F says:

dude u talk tooo much

mtg {multi talented group} says:

which code you paste in sublime text

Rakotonirina Stéphane says:

Absolutely not for beginner

Outsydah says:

sublime works fine on its own now

Jason Skywalker says:

What about making games with this language?

Ramon Deuz Ravanzo says:

Sublime REPL dont appear on my sublime… i did all the downloading correctly… now, what should I do??

prashant mishra says:

as a beginner which language should i learn java or python?

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