Learn Python Programming Tutorial Online Training by Durga Sir On 27-01-2018

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anuj gupta says:

sir where is next lecture upto 08-02-2018 , I have watched it amazing explaination was clear , pls upload all the videos series wise .

Arun n says:

Dear Durga Sir, Thanks you for sharing this video. We all respect your contribution so much and we are so lucky to receive such a quality training but it pains to see one of your online students seems to be disturbing the session by making burping noise intentionally. Whoever that student is , I feel pity for him as he must have had a very bad childhood. Only child of bad parents would do such a thing.This student must have really used LAMBDA expressions to enter his father’s name in any registration form.If you know what I mean. 🙂

Nirmal Sahoo says:

Sir If you are going to add all the videos then it will be great.Please add full tutorial day by day its a request.

S.Rakesh Murthy says:

Kindly students over there please stop disturbing..Its so annoying. All in all Durga sir is amazing. Keep up the good work sir. Its an honour to listen to your teachings.

Revansiddappa Kalshetty says:

Pasha don’t disturb, please don’t allow him in next class.

Anup Paul says:

thank you sir

sagar sapkota says:

some stupid non serious guys are imtentionally disturbing sessions…admin needs to find anf block those stupid chap…

Kiran Shenvi says:

Durga sir… thankyou for such a wonderful tutorial!

Rajasekhar b says:

Thanks sir.

I have one question sir!!..

Why these many years phython is not popular and suddenly why it increases popularity phython in market?

Today I am comfirtable with Java .. by leaning phython is there any advantage ??

Nirmal Sahoo says:

BDW forgot to tell…magic in your words….u r great

Sushil Jaiswal says:

Waao sir
Thank u so much for dis series
Highly need more


King of computer sir

rachna patwal says:

instead of from random import * is it valid to write import random

mahender pothu says:

Which laptop is best for programming under 40000 rupees

Mrigendra Rai says:

how can i get the notes?

gsk1231 says:

when i was visit the computer institute they ask we need project on python i smile and said what and where u want use python its not not java or .net

gsk1231 says:

why python wake up now where java dominates the world after 26 -27 years later the python wake up

Sandeep Kumar says:

sir can you plz upload the pdf notes of python. it will be helpful for us.

chandra sekhar says:

Thank you durga sir for providing this course but advitagements is more

Narendra Daraboyina says:

sir,i am fan for your teaching…

black white says:

its my fortune that i”m reading to you….thank you sir

Rohan Dhakad says:

Sir how can I generate certificate for python if I am learning python online
Please replay sir

Ritesh Singh says:

Thanku soo much sir providing such stuff.

Navin nipath says:

want to learn advanced python and scientific python(scipy) can i get the link please

Hemakumar Gantepalli says:

Usually, the OTP is valid 15 minutes. how to control that?

Shweta Rani says:

who is this bevkoof disturbing the session bevkoof tuj ni pdhna h muh bnd krk bth

Tarun Verma says:

your lectures are so long pls shorten your lectures

varanasi karthik says:

Thank you so much for updating videos daily.

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