Lesson 1 – Python Programming (Automate the Boring Stuff with Python)

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Lesson 1 of the online Python programming course for complete beginners. This course follows the “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” book by Al Sweigart, which can be read online at http://automatetheboringstuff.com

Lesson 1 is the introduction to the course.


Viktor Lomakin says:


Accidentally Entertaining says:

i wanna be able to make bots, automate web stuff like account creation and do some web scraping/crawling on the side, i believe python is great for that but how long do you think it will take me to learn?

Juan Piaggio says:

comentario number 100

DudeRevolution says:

Thanks Carl Sagan

Amanda Hansen says:

I have a list of contacts that only includes first and last names with home addresses. I have been using Spokeo ( a website that gives phone numbers and email addresses) to fill in the desired email and phone numbers I am missing from my original sheet. I have been entering in each name into Spokeo at a time and it takes way too long. How do I automate this process to increase my email list quickly without enter each name into search? Please help! Is there a way?

Thank You For Your Time!!!

ein mensch says:

guess idle isnt shipped with on ubuntu, how to get it there?

*-_TheOlian04_-* says:

PLEASE DON’T paste bin your entire code base when asking on stack overflow. Look at the MCVE!

Robert Balaile says:

Great intro! Well done. ☺

satish kumar says:

Please try to change the colour of subtitles as it was merged up with the colour of your screen ;O

maroš sobotovič says:

LIKE !!!!!!! Subscribe !!!! COOL

Kodar says:


Sebastian Nielsen says:

Blank Editor how much do you pay for having you website with your blog on?

asdfgl says:

Oh shit… you wrote of the best pygame book ever! :O

ojus chugh says:

Do you have graphics tutorial on Python

ojus chugh says:

i want to also learn to make video games

xXskullkid117Xx says:

>>print (“Hello world”)
Hello world

Arya Jonathan says:

And here I think mastering Autohotkey is already good enough

but seriously though AHK deserves a lot of credits I made so many cool bots with it just because it can simply WinActivate, Run, WinMaximize, etc much easier once you know.

iUpdateyou says:

Clear and good insturctions and ur prepered! Nice video!

Perry Shos says:

Firefox 45 and Selenium 2.53.1 will work with auto-install. Took me two days to figure it out! Windows 10 Python Firefox.

aka DIABLO says:

Please add lesson 16 and others anf why is there a lesson 22

RGC Tech says:

i find that online websites are rubbish good video

mr Kagami-sensei says:

JAVA? I learned Pascal :< seriously pacal

42 says:

python is freaking AWESOME!!!!

weltvonalex says:

Hey cool!! I bought your book but nice to see the stuff in a video

12dollarsand78cents says:

Hi Al, I’m an Atheist…

ojus chugh says:

do you have tutorial on graphics in python

YouTube Offical says:

iwant to be hacker

Santosh Paul says:

y cant I acess the videos from 16 to 30????

Beckham says:

I subbed because this is a great idea!

Patrick Dulfo says:

my idol is teaching me i red all your books

Maria Baek says:

BRAVO! Dude, these are incredible, can we pls have MORE! … “With great power comes great responsibility!”… Hint hint : Pls do a series on Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis in Python?! Pls, pls pls! …I’ll eat ramen for another week just so I can buy your courses on Udemy.

Michiel Piscaer says:

is python 3 better than python 2?

Aman Pratap Singh says:

wow thanks for suggesting Khan Academy

TertiaryAdjunct says:

Al…best video series I have watched…it’s hard for me to focus on things like programming but this was simple and to the point..I was so impressed ….I bought the book to support you

tosh noway says:

if you buy the book do you get a code to view the videos or something?

N3orion says:

how different is python 2 vs python 3? most of the books I recently bought are P2. if I use your course and the other books am I going to lose the value of one or the other doing that? Thanks

sanji says:

I am reading your book that period! It is really good!! Good work!!

Indurthi Sai Sujith says:

Hi Albert, Thanks for publishing Python Basic concept video and documents.
We are looking for advance python concepts, Can you please let us know where can we purchase advanced concepts book.

bloodfist2503 says:

död till alla

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