Map, Filter, and Reduce Functions || Python Tutorial || Learn Python Programming

The map, filter, and reduce functions simplify the job of working with lists. In this lesson, we show you how to use each function. If you also use lambda expressions, you can accomplish a great deal in a single line of code!

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Python instructor: Ulka Simone Mohanty (@ulkam on Twitter)
Written & Produced by Michael Harrison (@mlh496 on Twitter)


abby Sand says:



What’s next?

Silver Joda says:

Looks like these functions return lists in python 2 and iterables in python 3

Alex Ramos says:

Great series, more please !!

Geli says:

Ooh, bringing out python’s functional side. Sexy.

Matthew Han says:

Wow you r good!

Gustavo Magana Lopez says:

This is beautiful! Thanks Socrática!

Raphael A. Alves says:

Loved the cyberpunk style haha

Frozen Vortex says:


Christian Rupp says:

Can you please do a “kivy” tutorial, your quality standards are very high and I really enjoy that 🙂

knucklecorn says:

Love it!

Sander Deryckere says:

These were almost removed from Python 3 in favor of list comprehensions. Guido didn’t like map, filter and reduce.

Austin p.b says:

hahaha this is good tutorial !!! Sounds like CIA briefing 😛

Azendia2 says:

I can’t stop thinking of GLaDOS while listening to this.

Sachin Rawat says:

I fired Siri becoz of u…

Filip Ve says:

You can be psychologist (professional-programmer) as a profession and a stand-up comedian (amateur-programmer) for extra income? (or was that the other way around)

Audie B says:

As always !!! Brilliant thank you for the great educational videos .

Hire PHP Developers says:

Very useful tutorial, i have learned a lot from this video, thank you.

hooshtube says:

Please do a video on xml in python as well. These videos are priceless.

keijo456 says:

Thank you! keep them coming

pranjal86able says:

Loving the hate for Fahrenheit 🙂 “How could this happen”

Treelight says:

Third comment on a Socratica vid. Great vid, I like the pace. functools.reduce is indeed too confusing for me, Agree with Guido

Thomas O'Hare says:

What would be really kool… Is if text files were attached here containing the code in each lesson. Instead of typing each lesson in manually we could copy code blocks into a terminal (!) and then play. We could make slight changes to your code in a text file so we can experiment then move code blocks over over.

Amirely says:

Thank you for those great videos.

Shivam Keshri says:

wow just wow so easy way of explanation…….

Kailash Prasad says:

Python should be a comedian because it is full of one liners.

welovfree says:

Notification squad!

suria sarath says:

i need more video like this…………………………

Duane Yaiser says:

Thank you for another great lesson! I’ve been using mapping lately and I love the way you explain it.

Shivam Keshri says:

please make a series on machine learning tutorial i really want to learn machine learning but i cant find such as interactive and clear conceptual videos in you tube

Jenko022 says:

I have been practising Python three for a while now but what I would really like to see is some videos on project ideas or scenarios to build on using Python. This would be great from practice and learning.

Barnard Rabenold says:

With the Map function, what do you do if the function you feed it has more than one argument? Do you simply add the additional parameters to the Map function?
Also I wonder if Java has an analogue to the Map function. Of course, Java does have a class by that name, but it’s a data structure instead.

Jenko022 says:

Great series. Could you do a video on the Zip function? also more on Object Oriented Programming for Python 3

Austin p.b says:

So reduce take two inputs at a time .. like the fibinocci and map just one input. Good one. Thanks a lot

Mostafa Asgari says:

Great job

Obsidian says:

So what’s the point of the function reduce? Is it faster than for loop?

quazichimp says:

wonderfully presented as always!

Eric Nkoroi says:

your illustrations always hit the nail on the head.

eppota mus says:

I have never seen tutorials this amazing. Its like I traveled back in time 30-40 years when people still made sense – could think and communicate. I enjoyed these so much. Thank you for all the hard work and long hours you guys put into this series. You are hands down the best! Can’t wait to see the next one.

pylang says:

Oh these are great.

indrajit bagchi says:

these are seriously underrated videos……one of the best python tutorials……very nice

Feed Brain says:

Beautiful and clever Woman as I like

Shortcut says:

Hey Socratica and Guido (if you see this) Beer is on me!

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