Python Beginner Tutorial 1 For Absolute Beginners – (Setting up Python)

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This video looks at the initial setup of python as well as getting a debugger working so you can easily see your Python code working.

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Jesus Merchan-Reina says:

Can’t add breakpoint no matter how hard I try (17:20 of video). Checked online, says you can toggle it in the editor side bar but nothing pops up when clicking there, nothing at all. That is the problem with studying from online videos alone at home. Nothing beats a classroom teacher… little quirks like this can take most of my studying time just to find a freaking breakpoint. Oh well.

Eazy_Lifeb TV says:

So much to learn with python or any other language.

Jeffrey Leeuw says:

@Chris Hawkes

Hi when i use the visual studio code i run into this problem Failed to launch the Python Process, please validate the path ‘python’ how do i fix this?

Justin Merdsoy says:

I’ve just installed Visual Studio Code. I keep getting Error: spawn python ENOENT when I try to debug my .py
Can you suggest a solution?

CzechMateBro says:

i cant help it but you sound a bit like Rick from Rick&Morty

Josh Blagden says:

Skip the first half of this video if you’re on MacOS or Linux – it’s already installed.

Jacob Kreusch says:

Quick tip to avoid having to manually set those environment variables. Don’t do the quick installation in the installer. Do Custom Installation. If you do custom, on the page where you select the install directory, there is a checkbox that tells it to automatically iadd to environment variables.

Tensanii Tendii says:

by the enf of this video i still didnt understand what i was doing …i saw x and this is a variable but i dont see where thats taking me

Mar G says:

I have Python 2. When I installed it on my (Windows) computer it came with IDLE( a Python GUI) and a Python command line. What’s the difference between using Python through the Visual Studio Code or the Windows command line (as in what you’re doing) and the way I’m using it which is just scripting and running in the Python GUI?

Jackie Jackson says:

Hello, after I select the python environment, I am getting ERROR: file does not exist. “undefined” any suggestions?

Chris Hawkes says:

For an example of what you can do with Python quickly, check out this video…

user name says:

Hold down L-CTRL + scroll mouse wheel, should increase/decrease the % size of your windows.

Matthew Cilia says:

This comes up when I try to run the program in the visual studio “Failed to launch the Python Process, please validate the path ‘python'” can someone help me?

Galaxy Tab says:

Were you able to get a job as a developer after teaching yourself?

Kingstan M says:

Hello Chris,I have installed the Py3.x & Visual studio but there is no output when I type the basic program. I checked the variable under control panel. There is nothing such on both system and user var. I believe that’s the problem. How to add the variable?

Timotei Satmarean says:

Why Visual Studio Code and not Visual Studio the IDE?

Rick Burns says:

Hi Chris, what would you recommend for Apple as a text editor please?

Heroin Baby says:

i typed python and it just said ‘python’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file
also in visual studio when i press play on the debugger down in the debug console it says Error: spawn python ENOENT.

also in visual studio when i press play on the debugger at the top it says Failed to launch the Python Process, please validate the path ‘python’

Also in visual studio it tell me to download pylint. i downloaded it and in the terminal it says”python : The term ‘python’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script
file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included,
verify that the path is correct and try again.
At line:1 char:1
+ python -m pip install pylint
+ ~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (python:String) [], CommandNotFoundException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException”
what do i do?

Hikaru Uta says:

How come the CD command only works with “” on my computer, but “/” on yours? (I had to google this)

Gavin Wickremasuriya says:

Hi Chris,

I’m trying to add variable to my watch, but once I right click and say “add to watch” it doesn’t add it. Rather it comes up with a black box stating “Expression to watch.” It wants me to type something, should I type the variable?

Sava Djurcinovski says:

as I fallow along and on that debug part I get error “failed to launch the Python Process, please validate the path ‘python’ and i don’t get select environment everything so far was as you did it. have option to close that eror screen or to open launch.json

SickName Brah says:

Instantly subbed after “like Hilary deleting her email server.”

sumlle lumlee says:

If you’re having the CMD problem, uninstall and click on the download file. Right in the opening window, there will be a box that says “add to path”. Check the box and begin the installation

Esmundo Tonio says:

Very very nice

James Fox says:

Hillary snub = SUB

Kareem Matouk says:

how do you make it run the whole thing at once

bmobb360 says:

For some reason when I add python to the path it still isn’t recognized as a command in the command prompt.

Aoki Aikawa says:

i’m a beginner sir, what is “spawn python ENOENT”?

GM Opinions says:

my python doesn’t show up in path? help please

night hawk says:

if i could double like i would the other videos ive watched either go at a snails pace or go to fast your video had a humanistic approach that i and im sure alot others appreciate

Tomasz Kantoch says:

So i just installed python and there is nothing about it in variables! anywhere in user and system thing

AJ Studios says:

[[SOLVED]] Hello Everyone i had the same problem ((Error: spawn python ENOENT )) because of new version python 3.6.2 its installation user interference is changed. Butt it was really a simple problem as i was new to python i mess with it.and i found my mistake you only have to Uninstall the python Application from control panel and reinstall but keep in mind while reinstalling. Python ask you to Install now or customize installation. -> Click on Customize install -> Click Next -> Then 4th Box (Add python in environment variable )Tick the box and Hit install reload Code Studio and problem will be solved.. And i want to specially thank Chris Hawkes . for this video

Vincent Dayao says:

what kind of visual studio do you used ? i need your response 🙁

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