Python Beginner Tutorial 2 (For Absolute Beginners)

Introduction to Python for beginners. This tutorial covers the use of IDLE to run python scripts but focuses on running python scripts from the command line using a text editor like notepad++. This video also focuses on input and output of a python program. The video covers an introduction to variables and an introduction the assignment operator (=). Lastly, this video highlights the usefulness of the python shell.

This video series is ideal for individuals looking to learn their first programming language or individuals looking to learn python as another programming language.



Arjun Johal says:

Very helpful I have just started to use python and I’m intrigued to know more. NICE VID DUDE

Brylan Somers says:

My system variable isnt working. Cant figure out why

Van Bawi Thawng says:

are your videos one meant for windows users ? because i am not able to follow the instructions as im using macbook.

acdczeppelinhalen1 says:

When I try to add my name after “What is your name” in command prompt it is giving me the error “NameError: name ‘John’ is not defined”

Thaeleo says:

Wow, why do you delete all of the comments? 🙁

Isaiah Butler says:

idk why but there is no python.exe file and when i tried to make the texy document and change the extension to .py it didnt change from a normal text documnet

Daniel Wijaya says:

Why when I try to input the ‘What is your name?’. It did not print my name? The code in my Notepad++ is exactly the same as yours. Can’t figure it out.

Van Bawi Thawng says:

Thanks for the great videos. Just started learning python today. I belieive your videos will help me alot. Is it not possible to use notepad++ on Mac. I couldn’t get it installed. Please help

Daniel S says:

Python Beginner Tutorial 2 (For Absolute Beginners) ya so exited!! woo! (:

Thomas Lemaster III says:

Not letting me change the txt file type to py. The file type doesn’t come up in the name of the file like yours did.

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