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Classes are a fundamental part of modern programming languages. Python makes it easy to make a class and use it to create objects. Today you will learn the essentials of programming with classes: how to initialize them, write methods, store fields, and more.

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Python instructor: Ulka Simone Mohanty @ulkam on Twitter
Written & Produced by Michael Harrison
FX by Andriy Kostyuk


Gallade6349 says:

Aren’t “fields” really called “attributes”? I’ve searched the web for like 30 mins and that’s pretty much the conclusion I’ve drawn

EyeInTheSky says:

can someone explain a bit more or in a different way about the bit at 5:22 regarding the “self.birthday” field that stores the value and the “birthday” where it is the value provided when you create a user object. Is the stand alone “birthday” statement one where you can pre-populate with a value? I am trying to understand the difference…

Ranjeeta Pegu says:

Impressive! loved it

Swapnil Jain says:

I am getting error in this command could help me out ?

>>> def f(a):
def g(b):
def h(c):

>>> f(2),g(3),h(4)

Hackaholics says:

your way of making tutorials is the most unique i must say..Keep making on more topic.Excellent Videos !!

Saeed Baig says:

“Classes are a fundamental tool in any respectable programming language.”

Cough,cough cough

Tilak Kumar says:

would have made the videos much interesting if the women was replaced by prof SEVERUS SNAPE from harry potter.

AniLaxsus says:

1:08 am dead xD

Sagiri Izumi says:

Amazing Video. Cool and Motivational

jhip626 says:

Does this woman do any other videos? Her charisma is off the charts!

bhaiyyu says:

” lets create a second user. We will call this second user, creatively, user2 ” 😛

Python My says:

fenomenal )) thnks pretty girl

Aman Kumar says:

Super impressed, It is just so informative, helpful and yet precise and brief!


so magical style…………………..

Robert Nooney says:

Dave Bowman and Frank Poole were astonauts on Discovery One in the movie Space Odyssey.

Perry Pelican says:

Great tutorials Ulka. Your personality comes through, which is very nice. Have fun.

shao.w li says:


Yo Soy Libre says:

Awesome teaching. l learn very much from your explanations. Please teach anything you may share. And I like very much your style … with class!

mL Abedini says:

Very Useful!

Rich Sandness says:

Very nice speaking voice, tone, screen automated visuals, style, and speed of speaking. “Voice” is not the only criteria to me, but it is somewhat “huge”. I like the way that the words are spoken fast enough, but they are not spoken “too fast”, as I have seen some do, and while people may “know their stuff”, programming-wise, it can be yet another thing to have the gift of teaching and presentation, as well as the blessing of tone fluctuations and very clear, crisp English accentuation, too boot. Watching this particular video (as well as others) and following along is made to be almost sort of ‘fun’, i.e. toning down the (mild) frustration, or self-impatience of learning something new while turning up the joy of it.

The thoughtful and careful clarifications, the method, the tempo, and video technology that are incorporated, result in great synergy. In other words! “Great job, be encouraged, and keep up the good work!”. I prefer this video over most any other I remember seeing (of all teaching presentation videos, or perhaps I should say ‘this series’, so that it does not sound like I am preferring this video above all of your other videos. This is a good “instance”, but I like the overall “class”, that I see in all of them. 🙂 (pun intended)

Orlando Arias says:

These videos are the best tutorials on youtube.

Michael Ciniello says:

These have quickly become my favorite python tutorial videos on youtube. Thanks!

Joshua Smith says:

i love these videos

Steve Html says:

YALL NUTZ ! That was fun though and VERY informative Thanks ,I’ll be following


Matrix is a documentary?
“Soon we will store an uncomfortable amount of user information”
Seems me that 1984 is.

Luke Warm Water says:

Although the lessons are good, I get scared by her presentation, as if I might be inducted to a learn programming for evil intentions.

Kaka Zhang says:

is she an AI Person? hha

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