Python Coding tutorial – Don’t be scared of code! Step by step walkthrough

Too many of my non-techy friends (and some of my techy ones) despise how complicated code looks and think it’s just too complicated to bother looking at. I say pish posh! Code is your friend!

This is a step by step guide on how to create a program that, at the push of a button will open up several or more web pages at once. I find this useful when starting my day and I want to open all of my news and social media websites at once. Yes I know the functionality is within chrome but I wanted complete control!

Hope you enjoy!


Tristan Rosal says:

How do you run it? And how does the text appear at the bottom of the code?

Hriteek Bista says:

Thank you a lot.

Jive Raid says:

i dare you to count how many times he said “for the sake of readabliity”

errol gannon says:

Finally I understand Python, you do a great job and i hope you do more like this again.


when will u upload more video?

TheThingsInside MyHead says:

Will this turorial work wiith Python 3 IDLE?

Chris Brown says:

Instruction unclear – I just joined Isis and issued a jihad on constrictor reptiles.
What have you done?!!?

The Professor Minecraft says:

you pontential bro

Harsh Parikh says:

The title “Don’t be scared of code” VERY INSPIRING

Lance Eamon says:

I like what you are doing here, I have alot of friends who get very turned off by coding. Great job mate! I enjoy how high quality your content is, keep it up!

Jiaul Islam says:

i am trying to learn coding for few months now but your video is most important knowledge i learned. i understand this video is not about tutorial for coding its about how you could run in your path through programming 😀 anyway sorry about my bad english …. thanks dude 🙂

trenholme lodge says:

great video showing what you can do with python….but….the colours can be difficult to make out… a little more thought here would help a lot.


maruthi rathnakar says:

for safari, URL’s which are passed as arguments should be prefixed with https://
If not web doesn’t work

Pawan Bhosale says:

Nice tutorial..can u tell me how you made the icon( @1.40) that runs the program?

Bobb Bob says:

Not so step by step as it may seem

RustyHardware says:

Awesome video dude! Been wanting to toy around with coding so this is very helpful. I watched some of barnacules vids and it get sort of tough but this was helpful.

Nathan says:

Higher resolution still processing?
Also what advantage would your method have over simply Having all those tabs bookmarked to a folder and right clicking on that folder to “Open All Bookmarks”


u r an excellent teacher. love this video and your explanation. plz make more video like this on automation (Y).

Ryu | ᵐᵒᵗᶤᵒᶰᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰᵉʳ says:

which program did he use?

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