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Functions are essential to Python programming. In this tutorial, we teach you how to create a function, and cover the two types of arguments: required arguments and keyword arguments.

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Python instructor: Ulka Simone Mohanty
Written & Produced by Michael Harrison
FX by Andriy Kostyuk


PianoTera says:

when are you continuing this ? I’ve learned alot from her . It would be great if you guys can continue with the whole Python

ne0fr0st says:

New to python and was struggling to wrap my head around functions, you guys nailed it. Thank you

p a r t y b o y says:

This video was the best I have seen on functions… very helpful, thank you!

The Diary of Music says:

such quality! love this!

Luis Felipe Marzagão says:

Great work. You are amazing! Simple and intelligent videos on Python.

Nikolay Latkin says:

I love this style of CS teaching ))

Fr. Richard Hill says:

I hope you continue adding videos to this Python series. Great help.

the motor city cobra says:

Much much much better than every other function video I’ve seen because it uses good examples people can relate to. Everyone else is making ‘how to’ function videos using bizarre examples. I swear most tutorial makers are trying to show off because they know something you don’t know.

Mr. Creasy says:

“To show our enthusiasm we will type an exclamation point!”   *said in the most robotic voice ever*   hahaha

Sebastian Nielsen says:

Make one about “class” please

J Boss says:

I’ve been on YouTube since it first started (my person, not this account) and this is my first sub. Keep up the great work with teaching Python content!

lionsareus says:

5:04 >>>help(volume)
returns something cryptic: Help on function volume in module __main__:
In these coments, author has stated her accidental use of Python 2x. Could this be the reason that help(volume) looks so different when I try it in Py352?

Sarfraz Akhtar says:

good lectures


The way you talk , the way you speak all perfect *
Thank you
I learned a lot from your videos

sxc says:

reduce the speed of the video to 0,5. now listen to it! it is just phenomenal ! ! !

Omuro makori says:

Why don’t you do a full python udemy course…. I find your resources useful

Opiyo Sebastian says:

excellent! I love the creativity….it makes learning python so sweet and simple…more please!

Handsome_Hero says:

lol so cute 😀

Dick Fitzwell says:

this lady’s sexy

pranjal86able says:

so funny, love it 🙂

Rizki Adiputra says:

This is so useful. Thanks!

EyeInTheSky says:

the last part where it says that the keyword must be called by name? When I just gave x a value it still worked out the same g(4, 4) answer = 8. Why would I have to do (4, x = 4)?

Shell Casing says:

# With Python 3.5 it’s a lot simpler:
def volOfSphere(r):
volume = 4/3 * 22/7 * r**3


def areaOfTri(b, h):
area = 1/2 * b * h

areaOfTri(3, 6)

フェリペブエノ says:

I really don’t know why, but I’ve loved the way/approach you use to teach and the “feeling” of this video, it totally got my attention! 😀

joseph ndukwe says:

i am a beginner in python, i must say i enjoy the way you teach, especially your classes tutorial. kudos

Hank Moody says:

at first I thought this was kinda lame, but it’s holding my attention very well.

partyeffectsdotbiz says:

too bad this uses vintage python 2.7

Ivan Kryvosheyev says:

Like it…

Sevinç Gücüm says:

can sbd teach me thosee:'(

Smile says:

So damn intense!  I wish my professors talked like this when I was in school.

Sunil Kumar says:

When is the next video available??

Dlemmage Studios says:

This is a bad ass way to teach. good job.

CM Studio says:

best veds, great job

Ulf Gjerdingen says:


Darth Vader says:

а есть видео где она на русском говорит?

joseph zaroki says:

Thank you very much for your help!!

Pablo Navajas says:

my favorite

shabbir Hassan says:


ganesh gurung says:

thanx for the great videos…couldn’t grasp much from treehouse and searched here on youtube and found your videos…. elaborated perfectly and so easy to understand…thanks alot!!!!!!

azatecas says:

dam i love these series

Mark Webster says:

The humor is at a perfect level for a semi-nerdly topic like learning python. Keeps the subject interesting while covering simple but essential details of the language. Well done!

Lwazi Dlamini says:

awesome tutorial.

Aiden Meredith says:

This women teaches so well and is hilarious! I wish she was my teacher 😀

Malagasy Hacker says:

Are you a french people ?

Domini Gai says:


Shobha Roy says:

I need pandas tutorials for finance, especially technical analysis of stock prices

Ian Smith says:

Who voiced this videos? They’re great.

DaydreamsInMusic says:

Best video on Python Function I’ve seen yet!

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