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Lists are a way to store ordered data. In this Python tutorial, we show you how to create lists, access elements by index, slice lists, join two lists (concatenation), and more. We will talk about sets, dictionaries and tuples in separate videos.

To learn Python, you can watch our playlist from the beginning:

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Python instructor: Ulka Simone Mohanty
Written & Produced by Michael Harrison
FX by Andriy Kostyuk


Nikolai Hennelund says:

what script were you using?

Universe Of Saiyan's says:

Can we use add instead Of Append in list to add items,

Tarinee SHARMA says:

How do you take specific numbers out of a list? For example I want to only print the numbers less than five in this list: [1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 1, 21, 34, 55, 89] – Thank you!

Jacob Feldman says:

Thanks so much, these are great help. You make it seem so cool!

Linyun Liu says:

Python is much like JavaScript.

Tonderayi Kanoz says:

Awesome tutorial! Thumbs up.

Timothy Basaldua says:

Very Well done!
That sound you hear is me clapping!!
Could you please show how to use Lists to study Linear Algebra.
No. Numpy is not allowed. I don’t want Numpy to do it for me. I want to know how to do it.

Rajat Gupta says:

You could haunt someone !

Viet Nguyen says:

Very creative instruction. Thanks a lot. Keep doing your great job.

Roshan Ali says:


Shubham Bhattacharya says:

this is crazy… excellent work

Shuyanchi says:

cool video

Bruno Pinheiro says:

the best channel of youtuber!!!!!!#socratica!!!!

Mac G says:

Awesome. Love these videos

Abhideep Singh says:

no one will believe that she is also an accomplished actor!!!

iLoveTurtlesHaha says:

I wish I was famous so I can share all your videos. 🙁 I don’t have any other social media accounts and this channel deserves more subscribers.

Paul Fuel says:

These are great videos to learn Python. Add more lectures please!

Minasie Gessesse says:

you are truly my wonder!

Malini Eswarachandra says:

You are so amazing!

Daniel Dias says:

What about adding to a list? Is there some add method?

ps: the dir showed an __add__ method (with this underlines), but it doesn’t seem to work

Geli says:

I didn’t understand why Python had so many data-collection data structures, until I learned other languages that didn’t have nearly enough. Using an older version of JS right now on Khan Academy and I REALLY REALLY miss some dictionaries. Even having sets AND lists is suddenly a nostalgic luxury.

Barry Cantrell says:

My favorite Python professor.

bckzilla says:

I love these videos. She is so smart and so good at making it obvious.

terminate says:

Dam.. Why wont this work!!!
for line in a:
B=input(“Please enter a number”)
if B in range (a[0:21]):
print(” not vaild for this list”)
keep getting
TypeError: ‘list’ object cannot be interpreted as an integer

FishBoneBogdy says:

I like your tutorials very much. I love that all of them aren’t boring, narrated with a boring male voice which stays in front of a computer without care for life. Thumbs up and subscribe!

Code Bandit says:

Its great tutorial. but it feels like matrix movie.

Total Prank says:

your videos are really great >
but why i feel that you’v escaped out of matrix ^_^
anyways thanks

Shadow Gallery says:

A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having.

Eevee says:

This saves so much time. I like the style of these videos. 🙂 Thanks.

Austin White says:

freakin awesome video

hytlerson says:

1:17 Lua indices start from 1. And there’s gotta be more languages

Spencer Churchill says:

yo this account is awesome

Moises Olivo says:

i think i love her omg hahahaha is the nicest way to explain possible

Noldy says:

I can watch all these videos like a movie.

Uma Chaudhary says:

videos are very very nice

Eslam Ashraf says:

the best tutorial ever made thankssss aloott good job <3


lol.. why does this video look like Matrix movie !!

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