Python OOP Tutorial 1: Classes and Instances

In this Python Object-Oriented Tutorial, we will begin our series by learning how to create and use classes within Python. Classes allow us to logically group our data and functions in a way that is easy to reuse and also easy to build upon if need be. Let’s get started.

Python OOP 1 – Classes and Instances –
Python OOP 2 – Class Variables –
Python OOP 3 – Classmethods and Staticmethods –
Python OOP 4 – Inheritance –
Python OOP 5 – Special (Magic/Dunder) Methods –
Python OOP 6 – Property Decorators –

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PythonBytes says:

Thank you. Great tutorial Corey

Ather Ahmed says:

Excellent explanation. Thanks a lot for sharing! 🙂

Daniel Lin says:

How did you do that @4:33

Kurt Euler says:

Corey, I have a basic newbie question on instantiation: What are the advantages, in the greater OOP programming environment, of instantiating a programmer-defined class more than once?

Say I have a “Movies” class. Each instance of the class is a list containing a movie title, and perhaps a sublist of actors in the movie. Let’s say that I instantiated several movie objects. My question is, then what? What could I do with all these instances? I could print them out, and perhaps compare them in some ways. But how is instantiation in OOP better than manipulating a pointer in a database with functional programming. It seems to me that a program can really only deal with a set of movie information one at a time, so why fill up memory with objects?

Thanks in advance!

And as others have written, great series of lectures. So glad I found them. A comfortably fast pace. Thanks for the hard work.

Saikiran Kommadaboina says:

After giving’.’+last+’’
How to print the email?

Faith Biete says:

Don’t use dark screen it’s very hard to see

tomten 1337 says:

great video!

Helen Emerson says:

QUESTION; HOW DO WE CHANGE THINGS IN PYTHON? For instance, in the above example, how would I drop the email , last name and first name attributes and add a Social Security # attribute? And thank you for your very clear topic matter presentation, excellent sound quality and excellent coordination with the visuals.

Oscar Rios says:


Arvie San says:

Thank you for this tutorial, finally I found a tutorial about OOP which is not so complicated like the others that I watched.

Naveen Penta says:

Tell me which application you used in video

ananya samal says:

you are the best… Best ever way to make some one understand.. love from India

Khoi Nguyen says:


Mohiuddin Hafiz says:

The way you explain is really nice. Can you please add some videos on SOLID principle…or at least on Single Responsibility Principle for now?

Best Gameplays says:

What is the code editor used i this lesson…???

Malgin De Silva says:

Hi Corey, any video coming up on abstraction?

Matthew Chesters says:

This is sick! My students will appreciate this very much, Thanks

Scott Chaplinski says:

Damn Corey, thank you!

Miscritz Brotherzz says:

Best videos u will find on entire net. Clear explanation . Pace is good.
Focuses more on WHY TO instead on HOW TO which is awesome.

U are the first youtuber i subscribed . Keep up the good work..
I will surely contribute by Paypal ( when i start earning )

Danny Hur says:

Corey, can you do a video on pdb? Thanks for all your video!!

Sreekanth Reddy Lingamdinne says:

i am completely beginner to coding.after started watching you’re videos find coding is awesome.i have suggested these videos my other 3 colleagues to learn python basics.Gained lot confidence.Thank you.Thank you from India.

David Hahn says:

Thank you, Cory. It’s difficult to find well-taught-quality python on the web. You’ve made a wonderful contribution!

Dhruvin Shah says:

Really great efforts to elaborating these stuffs in very easy manner.

Mel P says:

Thank you so much for this video with SUBTITLE which is extremely helpful. I enjoyed it very much. I am going to watch your next video!

Bibek Koirala says:

why the fuck people would downvote this ? Mindfuck.

shijing si says:

best class tutorial in python I ever seen… Good job, Corey!

markham 480 says:

Thank you! Subscribed. By the way, what text editor are you using?

Veritas Cicero says:

At 4:33 you clicked after all the 1’s and deleted them simultaneously. How did you do that?

Gautham Kumar says:

Hey Corey which application do you use to write your code and how do you get the code to run

Bryan Valeriano says:

What version of python is this?

randomrandomrandomrandom Name says:

Hahahahaha thx bitch for the info hahahaha

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