Python Programming For Beginners

In this crash course we will be going over Python programming basics like variables, data types and structures, functions, loops, classes and more. Timestamps are below…

Python Sandbox Files:

2:15 – Comments, Variables & Data Types
9:50 – String Formatting & Methods
17:40 – Lists
24:15 – Tuples & Sets
33:09 – Dictionaries
42:15 – Functions
49:25 – Conditionals
59:09 – Loops
1:05:06 – Modules
1:15:52 – Classes & Objects
1:26:17 – Working With Files
1:30:57 – Working With JSON

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Anil S says:

thanks for the crash course

ShadyThGod says:

Brad have you checked out ?? It’s not python-related but actually a kind of alternative to React/Vue. Could you check it out and maybe do a tutorial?

Tuhidul islam Mridul says:

thank you sir , you are the best teacher

Haythem Saidi says:

Thanks Brad for your awesome work as usual. Please make some content about the AI learning.

HordeonSC2 says:

Can you please remove the intro splash screen? It is annoying as fuck.

Joe Fagan says:

Amazing! Thank you so much for this great intro/refresher!!!

rohan dhiman says:

h!! sir would you like to make mean full project video like mern plz sir udemy paid course

Mayank kumar says:

Awesome video sir I am an android developer but just loved this course.

Bilal AHmaD says:


Daniel Attiach says:

Thank you for everything, man. You made me so much better, can’t thank you enough.

Vail Williams says:

I want to thank you so much for making this video, as I am a slow learner. This clarifies a lot of things in python even though I barely started the video. Anyways you’re awesome.

Ariel Kuźmiński says:

Good job with all those comparisons with Javascript. It really helped.

Dave 'Plodupure' says:

Learning Py atm; nice course that drove in my knowledge.
What do you use for your video creation? I need an app for a final project presentation. Thx.

1 says:

Best as always

faraz shaon says:

please Python web2py framework tutorial

doommega says:

brad is not playing on this one!

Denis Sanchez says:

Brad, I no longer have words to thank you and admire your great wisdom. Watching your videos I save hundreds and hundreds of pages of any book. And any topic that you try, no matter how difficult it is, you facilitate everything. Thanks for that. Man, you are awesome. Now . I want to comment and suggest something to keep you being the best, the One.. I also follow other instructors who deal with the same topics as you, and who are also good instructors. I do not want to mention a name because it does not matter. They are now teaching Dart together with Flutter. I know and I have confidence in you that you can make good material. I would love to know your views regarding dart and flutter. Since google is seriously working on this. I know that many followers will have the same desire as me. I apologize if you already have a video tutorial on this topic and that even I do not know. Greetings, God bless you much much more.

Dawei huang says:

Wow, what a great rundown. I’ll be referencing this for my class.

Milos Dukic says:

Excellent course!
Please continue with Python courses…

Bradley Clarkson says:

Hey man, its been a few months, I’ve been a follower for a couple of years. I had to take a break as I started my freshman year in CompSci so I’ve been loaded with homework. well now the first semester is over and I have some free time so back to learning code. just like to say it was great being able to say I want to learn python and see that you had a new course up and its as well done as the rest of your content. Thanks again for all you do in the community and keep up the great work. gonna drop some $ for ya man.

Python Antole says:

The content is this channel is amazing! And it’s all free, much better than many paid courses, just unbelievable!

Avatar_hzh says:

Almost did a spit take over my screen when Brad said he’s on a Mac at the beginning of the video at 1:36. I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner.

supbrotv says:

I bought your Django course yesterday. Start working with it today.


Thanks to Traversy Media, It was a very helpful recap for me.

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