Python Programming Language – Python Tutorial for Programmers [2018] | Mosh

Finally a Python tutorial for programmers! Watch this Python course to learn Python programming language and what you can do with it.
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00:00:00 What is Python?
00:03:22 Installing Python
00:05:43 Code Editors
00:06:42 Your First Python Program
00:09:09 Python Extensions
00:12:03 Linting Python Code
00:16:19 Formatting Python Code
00:20:15 Running Python Code
00:23:16 Python Implementations
00:25:46 How Python Code is Executed
00:29:43 Variables
00:31:50 Dynamic Typing
00:34:28 Type Annotation
00:36:20 Mutable and Immutable Types
00:39:19 Strings
00:43:32 Escape Sequences
00:46:54 Formatted Strings
00:49:04 Useful String Methods
00:52:26 Numbers
00:54:37 Arithmetic Operators
00:56:26 Working with Numbers
00:59:05 Type Conversions
01:03:29 Conditional Statements
01:06:55 Logical Operators
01:10:03 Ternary Operators
01:11:22 For Loops
01:15:32 For..Else
01:18:12 While Loops
01:20:00 Functions
01:24:43 *args
01:27:12 **args
01:29:18 Scope
01:32:57 Debugging
01:36:31 VSCode Coding Tricks (Windows)
01:38:55 VSCode Coding Tricks (Mac)
01:40:45 Exercise: FizzBuzz
01:42:16 Solution


Amit Eshore says:

Thank you Mosh for this slide of your Python course. When I started to learn Java, I didn’t understand the concept of Bytecode. But today in this python course, you cleared the concept. By the way, when are you going to publish the full course on Udemy?
And I’m waiting for the AI/ML course, hope that’s going to be great.
Thank you again.

Serhan Altuğ says:

Is it possible to build web apps with python? How?

neeken123 says:

Do you plan AI/ML course?

Максим Жук says:

Thanx for your work

Johanna Zach says:

Hi there,
I logged into but can’t find the course??

Noormohammed Shikalgar says:

Hey Mosh, I have already mastered React by studying your React Course and i am excited for Python course it looks awesome…
Thanks for such great Tutorials and please please keep making such type of video and i will take it all…..
By the i realize that you look like an Hollywood Start called “Stanley Tucci” !…
once again thanks for Tutorials…

Siya Busakwe says:

I work with py and c# daily but look at me, glued to my screen. Awesome as always Mosh. Why aren’t u at 1M subscribers yet?

Olvert Leonides says:

awesome as usual!! by the way mosh please make a course about electron, I would love to take an electron course from you to develop desktop apps and you could combine it with react:)

yehia Amer says:

Great Start Mosh, I love the idea of python for programmers – I don’t want to wast my time learning things that i already know (like a beginner).
I am a C# Programmer and BI Analyst with 6 Years Experience and I am moving to python for Data Science (AI, ML, etc..).
Any Plans to Make a ML Cource using python ?

Kelvin Otieno says:

Finally am in the top 100 viewers

alirezafa54 says:

Thanks Mosh, you are one of the best teachers in programming! 😉

Balaji S says:

Are you going to upload it on Udemy?

chokayes chokayes says:

Wow! Python cource from Mosh. Shared this video on Telegram. Cool! I’m glad you picked Python. )

Oluwatobi Fatumo says:

Can’t wait to get my hand on the full course, I hope to see you @mosh someday.


Im 17 and trying to get into machine learning and im dropped out cause they werent teaching anything
But i taught myself Javascript and python
Anyone have any opinion what i should do next

Sarfraz Anjum says:

If mosh is the trainer, count me in.

Emmanuel Ahaiwe says:

Nice tips and tricks from Mosh as always. Following your course since Node js tutorial. Your student from Nigeria.

Ali Korkmaz says:

This course is awesome! Will you teach how to build backend api’s with Django? And how to publish it on internet?

Kaezon12 says:

Python is my best programming language, but if Mosh is the teacher, there’s no decision. Welcome back teacher, nice to see you again.

GuitarKirby93 says:

Hey Mosh,
love your videos!
Have been watching them for years already.
Can’t wait for more advanced Python stuff.

I’d LOVE to know what tools you used to create presentations like this.
Probably Camtasia for recording but for the editing as well?


Genza says:

When I try to go to the terminal hello world isn’t there for me and when I type python it just says error

Luigi Zambetti says:

I’m shifting from C# to Python. Hope I’ll be fine.

Ynsmrsk says:

is vue or nuxt course will be coming?

Nabil Nawaz says:

BEST THING is the TIMESTAMP you wrote ! <3

Carl says:

When splitting a string using notation such as 0:3 are you sure the second parameter is not simply just the number of characters to grab, starting from the index specified in the first param? That’s the way it seems to behave isn’t it, rather than being an index itself.

Ashkan Kamyab says:

Linterpy is not the Start one, I think it is better to use pep8

Mohamed Rashed says:

Hi Mosh, can you share the course content, do you will cover specific frameworks like django ?
also want to ask , what is the different between this video and the other one for beginner, are you going to release 2 courses ?

RocketPlayz says:

you are also a legend for showing me how to run python code because every tutorial I see is showing me incorrect things!

王亨傑 says:

01:29:18 The “Quiz” typo -> “Scope”

Mohamed Rashed says:

in fizz_buzz function , I replaced this line
print(fizz_buzz (15))
print(FizzBuzz(int(input(“number: “))))

function give different results!?

Just a pug on the internet. says:

I already know how to program in python but here I am, watching this while fully captivated. You make learning and coding fun! Thanks.

Carlos Mafla says:

Mosh, you have some really cool slides in your videos, do you use after effects for the animations? thanks

James D says:

Will you cover OOP using Python?

Programming with Mosh says:

Want to learn more? Get the COMPLETE course to master Python:

afshin yari says:

دمت گرم مشفق….من عاشق کاراتم … خیلی خوبن

Amine Anons says:

Why not using a virtualenv from the beginning that way you have your system python env clean

Online TNTJ says:


Максим Жук says:

I want every people can talk English like you. So available and beauty speech. 🙂

Hassan Khazaal says:

I was just starting to think about searching for a python tutorial and out of nowhere i got the newsletter about this course and this is not the first time u pop up at the right time Mosh looking forward for the complete course !

lI Super Man Il says:


Jaspreet Baidwan says:

Thanks, Mosh your courses are amazing. It is like fun while learning how to code. Keep up the good work

Denis John says:

Hi mosh, I really enjoyed your tutorial, but please I need some of your recommendations. I want to use python for web development, gui and ai, please I need some recommendations on best and trending frameworks to learn.
Thanks very much for your help…


Another awesome tutorial. waiting for full course mosh.

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