Python Programming Tutorial – 1 – Installing Python

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Avinash Mayani says:

sir there is a problem occuring in installation so what should i do??

Top One By SK says:

can i have the link for download python 3.4.1

John Doe says:

Change resolution to 1080p and it will be crystal clear. No shit Sherlock.

Anshuman Shukla says:

In real world to find middle term we divide it by 2 but python ??


there is any difference between 3.4,3.5,3.6 versions of python.

K Mao says:

Can you get a decent job with just one programming language…Python? Or, you have to learn other program languages as well just to get a job in programming?

shashuri Magrease says:

AIght, Let’s do this

the wheelers world says:

java or python or c++ which one is better for social networking site development

Vismay Reddy says:

nice vid

Jounze David says:

i’m a big fun for sure

M Till says:

Thank you for this series, Bucky, it really is the best! The pacing is great, the information is clear, and I especially appreciate how you speak like I speak to friends. Naming variables stuff like “buttcrack” and just being casual about your presentation makes the whole experience more enjoyable than the average dry informational video.You’ve more than earned a sub and this channel will definitely be one of my go-to learning resources for programming!Also, your name is cool. It reminds me of Buck Rogers.

atharva paslawartheking says:

Why am i seeing these UDEMY ads ??!

Zakariya Alboosh says:

Is this tutorial good for beginners?

Ricky Moua says:

Your videos are the best ever.

Ui Long says:

You are amazing!! and you have no idea how you have changed my life with your tutorials. Million thanks !!

Anshuman Shukla says:

Can u tell me how to find the middle term in python

Sarthak Sharma says:

is it required to learn your previous python tutorials from 2009..before learning this???

Ind यंग says:

I’m getting problem in the installation of Python..
Error shown:
Window 7 Service Pack 1 and all application updates are required to install Python .

Shaun TV says:

Anybody remembers when he got lost in the forest and almost died?

Bugs Bunny says:

The Python3.61 version is not working on my computer wht should i do ….

Jackson Virgo says:

720p is good enough, I have bad internet lol

Anirudh Anil says:

2 Questions:
1. Does it need jvm or jdk
2. Will it work on gb ram ?

Diego Davalos says:

Can this tutorial work this 3.6

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