Python Programming Tutorial – 12 – Functions

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Sanchit Agrawal says:

plzz zoom the screen size. cant see code clearly. thankyou

vilkas2311 says:

For some reason, nothing happens when i call a function.

def beef():
print(“Dayum, functions are cool”)


This is the output:

Process finished with exit code 0

MELODY says:

What kind of python are you using?
I mean i use Idle but this thing you are using is completely different

Simran Dhingra says:

i made this code

def abc(n):

but no output is displayed.can you tell me whats the error

Talha Studios 2 says:

bucky you are infact a legend man working at night when everyone is asleep and having and here you are teaching how to code….just awesome!

Rajendra Kumbar says:

disliked for “beef”, I’m a vegeterian

M N says:

I have noticed during the Comments and Break tutorial that my print function is a little different. Firstly, the function is typed in orange(the same color as ‘def). Secondly, when I write print(7, “example”), it prints out as (7, ‘example’). Can someone help me?

Sayner says:

How do I assign a name to an age? for example I want to say that: John is 19 years old

banana gaming says:

the problem whith me seems to be if it seems pointless for some reason it won’t remember

polepally venkatesh says:

if only i had watched this video when u made it and knew what a bitcoin was , i need not have to study anymore :p

Mihir Karbelkar says:

Dayum your videos are cool

brian sheppard says:

does the variable ‘btc’ automatically have a numerical value of 1?

Abdullah Omair says:

which software did you use for capturing the screen

victor bizimis says:

Where the hell are the data types ?! Is everything like overloaded ?

cm g says:

can’t see a thing

rabab rachid says:

your tutoriols are extremly great and easy applicated thanks

gijs v d l says:

i made this:

def Bitcoin_to_USD (btc):
amount = btc * 576
print(btc,”bitcoins is”,amount,”US Dollar”)

it diplays: 4 bitcoins is 2304 US Dollar

but when i make it

def Bitcoin_to_USD (btc):
amount = btc * 576,2
print(btc,”bitcoins is”,amount,”US Dollar”)

it displays: 4 bitcoins is (2304, 2) US Dollar

how do i fix the ()?

LazyVFXGuy says:

what’s the difference between Variable and Function?

luigiisgreeny says:

Making tutorials at midnight lol…

MD. Ariful Islam Sagar says:


WIZZA YT says:

A little script I made:

def printer():
question2 = input(“What do you wanna print?”)

question1 = input(“Do you want to see what a printer does? say ok.”)

if(question1 == “ok”):
print(“I don’t understand that”)


How do we perform substraction operation then?

german diez says:

i know c# but im learning python, what language is more useful??

saurabh kambli says:

so you mean Python already know values of USD and Bitcoin ?? hows that?

4Z says:

I did this
def btc_to_usd(btc):
amount = btc * 574


the result is 5740 🙂

zacktube100 says:

Bitcoin just passed $4000 recently!

Elkhan Hamet says:

I love Python functions, mine will be called def leppard from now on. Joe Elliott would be pleased!!!

itzDavy says:

Just realised how old this video when I saw the price of a bitcoin at that time was $576 and it is now $2693.. Wow

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