Python Programming Tutorial – 18 – Unpacking Arguments

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Rohit Tikle says:

could you please tell me how have you found these formulas for heath calculator and boys dating age  and all?

chris mahn says:

i use to smoke. still cant stand self righteous non smokers.

Kerem Kulak says:

In my opinion unpacking useless feature

Paweł Brysch says:

def funkcja (x,y)
wektor = [2,3]
funkcja(*wektor) – wstawiamy listę, która po kolei zapełnia argumenty

JustSimpleFact says:

Any more idiots here or its only me ?

WesleySnipzzz says:

1 Dislike for been too much of a Nerd

O_O says:

2:13 I will subscribe for that

Tai Tin says:

I smoke once in a while.

Java-Tutorial says:

Thanks a lot very informative ….

AL says:

20 apples a week keeps the bugs away

TheSunshinefee says:

I can’t read what you are writing despite having HD and using the zoom tool. I have to bail out of this series. Unfortunately.

Akash Jaiswal says:

I’ve created a calculator, the user should be able to input any number of input values also the operation e.g. calculate(*args, ”add’) . Is it possible!

A Random Winner says:

This seriously has to be one of the best python courses. I’m new to learning python and I’m just trying to cover the basics. Out of around 4 different courses I’m taking, this has been the best in explanation. Thanks!

Jude Rivera says:

*Someone smoking while watching this*

Dark Horse says:

This was really cool.

Guiango Thinoiras says:

i smoke weed

wine cheese says:

i have both 2.7 and 3.4 in my system but
my pycharm has python 2.7 in its external libraries,not the 3.4
How can i add 3.4 in it?

carl mala says:

can you put all of it together and create something amasing

name last-name says:

life has no mercy: i died long time ago 🙁

Đorđe Dimitrijević says:

Why cant i write like this : 

def health_caculator(age, apples_ate, cigs_smoked):
    answer = ( 100-age) + (apples_ate *3.5) – (cigs_smoked * 2)

buckys_data = [27, 20, 0]
George_data = [30, 20, 0]
Miha_data = [30, 1, 70]
Peter_data = [30, 3, 170]

health_caculator(*buckys_data, *George_data, *Miha_data, *Peter_data)

Hải Sơn Dương says:

Nice video! Thanks a lot!

Spy says:

according to bucky math
84*3.5 = 294
I’m going to live to almost 300

Sagar Sehwag says:

Please come back on youtube, we miss you a lot.

88SJoe88 says:

def calculaHP(age, applesEaten, cigsSmoked=19):
HP=100-age +3.5*applesEaten -2*cigsSmoked
OUTPUT = 122.0
#You can see it inserts the data nicely and the default is used for cigsSmoked in the lack of the last datum.

def calculaHP(age, applesEaten, cigsSmoked=5):
HP=100-age +3.5*applesEaten -2*cigsSmoked
OUTPUT = 122.0
#Still inserts the data nicely, overlapping the default value of cigsSmoked.

def calculaHP(age, applesEaten=20, cigsSmoked):
HP=100-age +3.5*applesEaten -2*cigsSmoked
OUTPUT = SyntaxError: non-default argument follows default argument
#So it doesn’t understand that the data are for the non default parameters?

username says:

never touch cigarettes in your life guys, i’m tellin ya. it is so hard to stop. i still have problems not smoking when i am out with smokers.

GMByte Java says:

I used to smoke a pack ciggarets a day. And now I vape. Very useful information this is.

venkata rajesh says:

What if there is a mismatch in list size and function argument size ?

Ran Xiao says:

quit smoking years ago, best decision ever

Flore Loriz says:

At the very beggining of this series you said best tutorials ever :). So far i haven’t learnt how to save my projects or is it even possible to save them as .exe? Can anyone help me?

吕树坤 says:

I smoke a lot

VictorAK47 says:

1 dislike from a smoker

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