Python Programming Tutorial – 2 – Numbers

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ßLÀCK ÇAT says:

zoom the fucking screen next time

Walter Ventura says:

Now I know how to divide tunambers

Jason Skywalker says:

What about Tuna divided by Bread and cheese?

chao sui says:

power is two **, interesting

Dody Abdullah Attamimi says:

thax, your video is really useful 🙂

Doha Hashish says:

when I wrote 18\4 it gave synatxerror

malresser says:

why the fuck dont you zoom in the first place .literally internet does not handle high download

rahul bathini says:

hey my idle rounds off the answer even if i give a single / what should i do

ayush trivedi says:

when I wrote 5 * *5 then answer was 3125 coming ….Instead of 125….Plz explain???

Wayne Stanley says:

I have been messing around with python for a while now and I have seen several tutorials. but I seem to be lacking a comprehensive knowledge of the language
Searching for a good tutorial I came a crossed this one.
I did not really want to start from the beginning but seeing as how I learned about the // and the ** operators now I am glad that I have started from the beginning

Very good so far !!!

omkar kulkarni says:

python is very straight forward… 😉

ajay sharma says:

Fonts unreadable too samle

Ravi Teja Vemuri says:

I tried some other operations. I got 5<<3 = 40. what does "<<" means? Thank you for the video

Ross McLean says:

Odd that // rounds DOWN rather than up, since traditional mathematical convention is to round up. Any particular reason?

Gaurav Arya says:

Font is very small.

Poke says:

I want to learn how to code Discord Bots, does this show me how?

Walking Taco15 says:

Hey bucky! I’m way ahead in the series, but just decided to post some script I figured out. (That’ll be at the end) So, python is by default a calculator, right? I was making a calculator file, but was over-complicating it. I thought I had to put in every single possible number to make a function, and every single possible operation to make a function. (In case you’re wondering, that type of calculator would look like this:

def Multipulcation_Calculator(Number1, Number2):
ans = Number1 * Number2
print(“Thank you for using MultipulcationCalculator!”)
print(“Your answer is “, ans)

but then I thought “Hey, isn’t python a calculator by itself? Which means the script is already configured?” What I mean by that is that if you go into python 3.4.7, and you type in “2+2”, for example, it’ll say 4. PyCharm is just a fancy extension of Python, so it still uses its basic scripts. So I thought: “Hey! Why don’t I utilize that into my calculator? I can make just one calculator instead of a dozen! And so I wrote this script:

#PythonCalculator, Created by sipher. (Fluff, s8, _s8, all the other aliases.)
#v 1.0
def PythonCalculator(Expression):
answer = Expression
print(‘Thank you for using PythonCalculator!’)
print(‘Your answer is ‘, answer)
return answer

neo stiv says:

which one you like the most guys? I prefer bacon

Tim Geddes says:

great now i’m hungry

IMaxwellI says:

I thought bacon over tuna gives out a true boolean ’cause it’s true D:

failgecko9800 says:

can someone teach me how to make a program that can bruteforce twitter or facebook

Pradhyum Sharma says:

wtf font

san kitty says:

wtf about letting me learn to code treehouse i has 999 minutes of watching inspirational learning to code piiss offf omgg im trigerred .

shaik brahmaiah says:

30%04 gives me
SyntaxError: invalid token
why can any one just expalin

Jake Ambrose says:

am i only one who cant see it?

Adil Saber says:

thanks for the tut guys

TomTom Gao says:

Very easy to understand tutorial. Should be super easy for people who have used electronic calculators, but also include some nice useful details including the use of “//”

PapíDimmi says:

You sai “pretty much” a lot.

SoftProFitAirman says:

hmm, so the double forward slashes remove the decimals? because 4.5 can be rounded to 5

seinfan9 says:

I hope you’ve made a lot of money from this. I am grateful for your gracious help!

Shubham Pardhi says:

I used first 18 // 5 and after that I used 18 /5 but both are giving same result to me…

One God says:

here we go, first real tutorial hope i’ll make it to the end

Mathemagician 4 says:

type in 6**6**6 and see the result

sxyzjym says:

This is so similar to matlab

Novaid Gaming & Programming says:


manikanta patnana says:

is Android Application Development using java need before python Android app development

Crius . D . Luffy says:

why bucky sound is different?

Ravinder Yadav says:

please tell that how can one take input from user

Bilal Shamim says:

(BODMAS) brackets, orders,division, multiplication, addition and subtraction

Christina Zamora says:

Soo, basically Python is a calculator?

Rafa Navarro Soto says:

Easy to understand, thanks!
PD: You made me hungry calling those variables “tuna” and “bacon” hahahaha

Kenneth Halstad says:

I get tired of holding the magnifying glass trying to see what he is typing.

Reza Arian says:

thas sooooooo cooooooool thnak you . I watched so many Tutorials but this one is the best one .

Seaver Schultz says:

why is it always bucky or tuna?

Rob Culligan says:

I think this dude needs tp get himself a sandwich

Suraj Thapa says:

Your fonts seems too small!

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