Python Programming Tutorial – 3 – Strings

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smart king says:

how to print >>>HE SAID “YOU CAN’T TYPE THIS”

tpsu129 says:

But officer, I thought she was 18.

Thumurouthu Jayasurya Viswanath says:

Hey i have a doubt in here!!…When you are adding the strings….You gave the command like >>>first name =”Bucky”….>>>firstname +”roberts”….I expected like “Bucky roberts” … but u have ‘ Bucky roberts’ … ‘ ‘ and ” ” does these change the outputs?

Nitin Nair says:

print(r’c:don’t eat chocolatenitin’)

output is – c:don’t eat chocolatenitin

How to remove of don’t from output?

But It's The Cotton Hat says:

“Hey now, brown cow” – Bucky Roberts 2017

Mohd Rashed says:

I want to get output: she said,”it’s over”
how can i do that?
if I type ‘she said,”it’s over” ‘ then it also gives the in output
please help

SDF DF says:

why not max the script window?I think this is a bad thing!

Zhi Yin says:

What if a=”desktopnude” and I want to print(a)?

Rasmus Hanson says:

“A schtring”

atul singh says:

help me with this error:

//variables (python 3.6.1 shell)

g = input (“enter your number : “)
enter your number : 55
>>> g + 5

Traceback (most recent call last):
File ““, line 1, in
g + 5
TypeError: must be str, not int

alexedeigba says:

Dude, you just made using python easy for me.

dhwani s says:

hey now brown cow

Satvik Shrivastava says:

Please someone tell.
after writing a line of code and pressing enter, we cannot edit that line. Is there any solution for this?

sobhan shafiee says:

as you know , you are amazing but , i can’t see anything .

TheDared Vermin says:

hey bro i am watching ur c++ tutorials……u r the best…

Chimeriads x Gaming says:


5 year old kid: *Types and teacher caughts him*
5 year old kid: im coding.

Bigyan Dahal says:

2:14 pm?

dan constantin barbu says:

Hi bucky? why when I put firstname * 5 it shows for ex it shows dandandandandan..without space?

Adrian DeJesus says:

SHTRINNGGGG… youre the man bro!! thanks a lot

Andrewboy159 says:

I’m just thinking about all the kids who are too young for all these strings that he’s making… I’m sorry

Juraaz Thoha says:

This is a really interesting explanation. Enjoying every lesson. Thank you so much for this. Sincerest respects.

sudesh sankad says:

coming twice in address ! also u making issue while printing. please help for the same

urban rider says:

why the fuck you don’t maximize your screen
its so irritating

chao sui says:

the word is too small to read

Zhong Qing says:

I simply like your voice

Troll Indian says:

crop this video to full-screen…its not possible to watch

nekrataal7 says:

Okay so I’m following the adding strings part around 7:15 , and I don’t know how you’re getting the space between the first and last name…my output ends up having no space between the first name and last name.
(my example):
>>> firstname = Bucky
>>> firstname + “Roberts”

I’m using version 3.6.0 btw. Help please! 🙂

EDIT: okay nevermind, I now understand why he wrote it as “Bucky ” instead of “Bucky” ….spacing is important!
The knowledge you share is worth more than gold…thanks Bucky!

morten o. says:

Send udepics

Ani Kotwal says:

when i use that
firstname*3,its gives me xyzxyzxyz how to make space between them? plz someone tell me

PapíDimmi says:

This is not only a great tutorial, but it’s also hilarious. I love your videos!

noah cason says:


Mystery Wand says:

Ok I learned so many things from this video. First of all, the presentation was clear and I understood everything he said. Secondly, Bucky Roberts doesn’t think she’s 18, also, he has nude pics saved in his computer and lastly, he loves hot pockets. Lol. But honestly dude, this is probably the first python video where I am not bombarded with confusing details all over the place. Thank you, and keep up the clear good work.

Hung Vu Dinh says:

I think he just watched Superbad because he referenced McLovin and that string ‘I don/’t think she is 18’ is somewhat related to buying booze

Helping Hand says:

how can i print
i don’t think that c:/dekstop/nudePics is correct

Prasanth Thangavel says:

Thanks for the video. Especially, the single quotes and double quotes part.

Manav Shah says:

does any one have the source codes for all his python tutorials?

Kuldeep Sharma says:

sir,, suppose if my string is ‘hey, He’s Path to directory is c:/users/Desktop/nudepics’
I got udepics in next line to fix this as u said put a r outside the string…but it also disable the ‘ also….what should I do now sir?

grungeisdead says:

I really wish you would stop saying shtring…

Puneet Singh says:

can someone show me how to print
He said, “The movies are at the location cjohnnew movies”

DavidAnatolie says:

if you have single and double quotes, then surround your string in triple quotes!!!

Ty Ler says:

This is my first time seeing this guys tutorials. I’m definitely learning more than what the video title applies.

“I don’t think she’s 18”

Im getting some awkward vibes with this guy.

Jake Ambrose says:

ok seriously how is any one watching this i cant even see the text

Matt Bootsma says:

loll everyone wants zoom out and im sitting here feeling pretty pro with dual screen ftw. poop laptop + hdmi = golden poop

Ronny Charles says:

Bad video quality by full screen

Reaxx MusiQ says:


Jaron W says:

No no I want my nude pics not my ude pics
-Bucky Roberts

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