Python Programming Tutorial – 42 – Pillow

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Captain Angry says:

your sister is hot

Tricky Fox says:

can I have some help? I tried dragging pics to my directory and they aren’t listing as they show in the video. What am I doing wrong?

milan kc says:

cool man !!!

Onur GÜRIŞIK says:

I have some problem I couldnt install Pillow package
it shows ValueError: jpeg is required unless explicitly disabled using –disable-jpeg, aborting

if you help to solve this problem I would be apperiacate

Jase Holts-Cochrane says:

Can somebody, in wholesome, explain to me what the Pillow import actually is? – Thanks

If this is over a week old, don’t bother.

Joel Hinze says:

which pillow version are you using?????????

Austin Cain says:

Anyone but me get an Invalid image format error from my image software? Now it’s saying it was moved or renamed. I think it must have been the size of my image. When I tried crop which we learn in the next video it worked.

Tommy Burn says:

I keep on getting the error: ImportError: cannot import name ‘Image’. Ive installed Pillow exactly as the video says. Can anyone help?

Tatrasiel R says:


Mohit K says:

its not taking other properties?

Mohit K says:

what r the other image properties?

gannon r says:

I’m concerned about your hot pocket consumption…

sandeep keshari says:

I got this error
ImportError: cannot import name ‘image’
any solution?

osmel villarreal says:

how would I go about having a photo come out if for example
if x == 0
show picture
anyone know how u would write this

volikoto says:

Pillow doesnt install, it says it needs zlib, zlib doesnt install as well.

basu basnet says:

Bucky you are really awesome .

Paweł Brysch says:


Alla Abdella says:

You are an amazing programmer!
Thank yo,u man for your nice and strong explanation

Tushib Haque says:

all the computer genius that I know love hot pockets

phaedris says:

Back to HD, yay! 😉

boanice223 says:

Bucky, at 4:05 you mean “thought of” right? Because there’s no word called “thinked”. lol

zh t says:

fucking pillow, i have worked on it all day long ,but could’t install it,fuck

Batman says:

720p we meet again

Harsh Mehta says:

go to where your libraries are in pycharm and update the version of pip to 8.1.2
then try installing Pillow

sangram patra says:

i m getting same problem with installing pillow,says zlib doesnt install

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