Python Programming Tutorial – 46 – Awesome Merge Effect

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santhosh patel says:

became a fan bro….

Akhil Gajjala says:

Bucky, when I code ‘Image.merge’ and start executing it, somehow in the console it keeps on saying “Value Error: ‘Image not defined.'”  What should I do?  I’ve also tried debugging.   Could you please, if possible, create a tutorial on debugging?


mrhypermagnetic says:

Great Videos! Can you make a vid on uploading base64 images?
using python and/or javascript. Thanks in advanced

youmovier says:

I’m getting IndentationError: unexpected indent
(with other photos)

petealwayslovesu says:

that was she said

Fahim Zapoh says:

Lol at the offhand thats what she said

03anish03 says:

I am getting a Value Error of “size mismatch”!! Can someone plz explain why and what should I do to remove it??

Eyal Pery says:

Freaking sweet !
(After 46 vids I’m starting to talk like Bucky)

Yitai Wang says:

How can I combine only R and G instead of all of the three channels?

Agitating Skeleton says:

very cool

Rishit Girdhar says:

having error
too many values to unpack.
and working on windows photo viewer and not photoshop.

Arafat Rahman says:

let me tell something you Buky This is awesome

ChickenWings103 says:

Thanks dude you’re the best, make more!

Guillermo Garcia says:

I don´t know if you show it later, but is possible manage the alpha channel?

Talha Studios 2 says:

Ohh so that is how Avatar was made…got it!

C Flux says:

I got “Access is denied” on mine.

Limexer says:

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