Python Programming Tutorial – 8 – for

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Ankit Awasthi says:

if the indexing starts from 0 in python, why does food[:2] print only bacon and tuna??

TrailMix J says:

Itsaa BEEF party!

Shreya Kaushik says:

I did the assignment Bucky

Bluey says:

Just started learning & came across your videos & best so far!

Marcela Gomez says:

Nice easy video but the print is super tiney tiny! Very hard to read.

Gollum Ei says:

vegans would hate this video

Zhi Yin says:

I can’t believe how unhealthy your diet is.

Raki Lachraf says:

have you defeated trashman yet ?!

Muhammad Bilal Bin Noor says:

its really helpful sir but u really love tuna
😀 😉 🙂
Stay Happy

Manish Pathak says:

We can print star as we do in C programming?

Hamster4Internet says:

when I press ALT and F, it won’t say “[” it’s just go with “]”

Pentox says:

Did anyone notice this video link has ‘gui’ in it?

diamond alien24 says:

take your cardboard box to your neighbors garbage

Shetu Ayelwo says:

why in 3:50 the output was in four different lines and not in one line? i didn’t noticed any command that says it should create new line for every item

King Nawab says:

how did this video get 13 dislikes??!! …. who ever disliked, they dont deserve to live. This man is providing free education in the best way possible. The quality of his teaching is excellent and he makes it all look so easy. BUCKY!! u the man. Love from INDIA.

Robin Rai says:

sir code is not properly seen ,code is very small

Thomas Rad says:

I’m not a new programmer; but if this doesn’t make you love programming, nothing will.

CobaltStar_ says:


Brett Nieman says:

F Ham!

Saurabh Gupta says:

I see the same result for

for g in foods:
print (g)

Shawn Lai says:

de-feat the pur-pose there you go bucky

Sajid Rahman says:

anyone here wants to create a group chat?so that we can discuss all this programming shit.

Abby says:

Why is that a list of numbers doesn’t use quotation marks?

Kneight says:

Bucky makes programming fun.
“f ham”

Navneet Kumar says:

stop scrolling through the comments and listen to the guy

Abhishek Gautam says:

Sir can we increase our font size that we are typing and make it more attractive??
Sir please tell me

sai Meghana kamineni says:

very helpful for python beginners thank you…!

allen lin says:

yes, best Python tutorial, super easy to understand.

Paweł Brysch says:

for element in lista:

eric valencia says:

why f, why not just name it ( eachItem )

Talha Ch says:


Tactical Victorian says:

you really love tuna, don’t you?

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