Python Programming Tutorial for the Absolute Beginner 1/6

Python programming Tutorials for the Absolute Beginner

This Python Programming Tutorial is designed for absolute beginners. A little/ no knowledge or experience is required to learn Python Programming. This tutorial teaches from basic to advance level.

Introduction to Python Programming Language

Python is an easy to learn, well-designed, high-level, interactive scripting programming language. It has a simple and effective approach to an object-oriented programming scripting language. It meets nearly all the fundamental aspects of a good general purpose programming language of today and tomorrow.

According to top programming spectrum ranking, Python ranks 3rd in the popularity. It ranks far above the other popular languages like C#, PHP, Ruby and even C++. It falls just after the C and Java.

Python increases productivity many times beyond the compiled or statically typed languages such as Java, C, and C++. Mostly, Python code is one-third to the size of some popular languages like PHP, C++ or Java, or even sometimes one-fifth. This dramatically decreases the effort of code writing, debugging and further maintenance and obviously, increases the code readability and understanding.

Python programming Tutorials for the Absolute Beginner Python programming Tutorials

Please watch: “Python Tutorial for Beginners | Python For Beginners”


star destroyer says:

i really hope someday ur vids can be seen by the whole world they are just so great educational and ur also too much funny,
i watch the c++ some java and python and only thing i see was a large bacon and tuna

Darshan says:

I have learnt a lot from your python programming videos as they are full with the whole information that really required…..
Keep going bro, U R fabulous…..♠♠♠

star destroyer says:

nope i dont care

the big bang theory-cbs says:

Ur videos are awesome keep up the work…. It has helped me a lot.. Thanks

sahil kumar says:

sir where is html ,I was watching and these are deleted

TheMasterProgrammer says:

Cool man!!! im making videos where i make awsome projects… i programme game, rebuild titles and make tutorials. Could you come and check them out? thanks

star destroyer says:

he likes tuna

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