Python Programming Tutorial | Python Programming for Beginners
Python 3 basics tutorial series in this series you will learn the building blocks to the Python programming language. A bit about the language Python was created by Guido van Rossum in the late eighties and then from there Python slowly began to gain recognition and popularity.
Python 2.0 which is really where Python gained a lot of traction came out in 2000 and finally Python 3.0 which is the version of python recovering here came out in late 2008.
Python what is known as a high-level programming language which means as a decent distance away from my machine code is Halloween term expired on a fantastic choice as a first programming language because the syntax is very simple just to understand compared to many other languages and the wide range of tasks that Python covered is staggering so that’s kind of why make such a good language for the most part.
We should be able to look at some Python code and understand what is happening even if possible you’re not a programmer, there might be some confusing things there over the most part it should kind of makes sense even visually lead to the nine programmer. Python can do all sorts of things you and data analysis visualization to robotics to web design and a whole lot more.
Python is a scripting language and it’s interpreted at runtime so a scripting language just means that the program is read line by line this means there any errors besides any syntax errors these areas are not be discovered until the program goes line-by-line through the program and will basically run on the lines until the end and then arrived the errant throw the error as opposed to compiled languages where their compiled that run and if there is an error somewhere.
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