Python Programming your NAO Robot Tutorial Video 1

Hi everyone and welcome to how program your NAO robot with Python tutorial video number 1.
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Hi everyone and welcome to how program your NAO robot with Python tutorial video number 1. On this tutorial we are looking into the first basic steps on how to use Python to program your robot. So if you want to learn the first steps to being a programming robot genius, then stay tuned.

Hi guys! I’m Philip English from Now on this video we are looking to teach you how to begin programming your NAO with Python. The NAO can be programmed using several programming languages, including C++, MATLAB, JAVA, LabVIEW and Python. So instead of using the drag and drop boxes in the Choreograph, we are now going to get our NAO robot to do some speech using coding.
Right, hi guys. Today we are looking at how to do some python coding. So we are going to get our NAO robot to speak using Python.
So the way we do this, jumping straight into it.
First of all, we are going to check our NAO. So let me just lift up his arm to make sure he is connected. Yeah, there we go. He is connected. That is what we want.
Now we see in the main robot section as well, he is all connected.
So Python. So what we want to do is we first want to create a box that we could put our python code into. This box will make our robot speak in. Speak “Hello”. “Hello I am a robot”.

• Right click the main section box and go to “add new box”
• Create a name for the box
• Input main image
• Select the type of box

So this time we are having a look at the script. So we go into the scripts and we click ok. And there we have our NAO little box. Now if we click into it, we have the python code. So this is what we are going to change. You can see it has already popped out there. So obviously, it is one of the features of the Choreograph is that you don’t have to be… It doesn’t have to be separate. It can be any kind of little box. I do actually want to separate which is quite nice. There we go. So just drag it out so it separates just so I could show what is going on. If you pick it up and hover over a particular part of the Choreograph window is it will just pop in there so you can have a bit more space if you are using the main panel. So what we are going to do is we are going to change some of the codes and we are going to get our robot to speak.

• Double click the box
• Select the piece of code you need to alter to get our robot to speak(“def onInput_onStart(self)”)
• Take out the pass section
• Type in “ttsproxy = ALProxy(“ALTextToSpeech”)”. (Make sure you get the comment in there).
• Underneath that, we are going to put “ttsproxy.say” and add the comment “Hello, I am a robot”.

Right! So there we have I just taught you in there. It is a very easy basic tutorial to start with. And the first line could create an object that gives us access to the robot’s text to speech capabilities. This object is assigned to the variable ttsProxy. We can access the object later through the name ttsProxy. So the top line here which I am going to mount which and the alspeech is there. The second line calls a different function site. Got to say that, long is the object we just created. This function takes an argument “Hello, I am a robot” and then he uses a string or sequence of characters between two double quoted marks.

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Manasi Purohit says:

Can python modules such as numpy scipy be installed and imported in python scripts in choregrhape?
If yes, how that can be done ?

Jaeder Ventura says:

How to program nao to play simon says ?

Sudipta Basu says:

Hi Folks,

I’m from Bangalore, India. This looks really promising and I’m excited about this product. I have a few specific questions about this product. I’m a single user and this is for my personal interest.

1. Is it possible to infuse AI concepts such as Deep Reinforced learning into these robots by programming them using TensorFlow with Python.
2. To what extent I can program these robots using Python and MATLAB. Does it support NumPy. What are the limitations in terms of programming.
3. Do you provide any training if I decide to buy one such product. What are the services and support you provide – to what extent.
4. Do you run any training program in UK. Please let me know the dates. Do you charge for these programs if I decide to buy one.
5. What is the computational power these robots are blessed with – CPU / GPU etc. Do they have CUDA/OpenCl support as well if blessed with GPU.
6. Is there a way to develop and contribute in terms of software even without buying your product. Do you have a remote simulator or a product available to develop/test/validate the software remotely, i.e. over net.
7. Finally, what is the relation between and

Please let me know ASAP.

Thanks and Kind Regards
S Basu
Bangalore, India.

Frky Zebzie says:


ravi tanwar says:

What software is this ?

Skipper Noodles says:

Man this is hard,is there an easer way of programming nao?

Sunny Yo says:

how to teach nao martial arts,gymnestic,etc using python

hitmax says:

His nostrils so big

Johnathan F says:

4:40 subtitles. “make sure you get the condoms in there”

Wilmer Daza says:

how to activate the option of the audio box

Guilherme Gomes says:

+Robo Phil great tutorial, I am happy to find this video admiration. which the value of the robo?


Great tutorial! Thanks for the help!

Prince Arthur says:

Hi Phil please i have tried to download the platform and the interface to enjoy your Python Programming NAO Robot Tutorials.
Please i need some links for the full download and setup steps.

Prince Arthur

Joshua Baboolal says:

Hi, does anyone know if nao can run scripts on start-up?

Metal Crotch Guy says:

Because everyone has $15K to spend

Jaeder Ventura says:

my man can you make a tutorial to programming nao to play simon says ?

Nao and Cozmo Adventures says:

Long overdue, well done

Juv TDE says:

could you make a video about programming NAO robot with matlab. thank you

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