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I have received a ton of requests to make a Python programming tutorial in which I teach pretty much everything in one video.

I’ll cover modules, comments, print, arithmetic operators, order of operation, lists, tuples, dictionaries, conditional operators, logical operators, if, else, elif, loops, for, while, break, continue, functions, return, readline(), string operators, file i/o, classes, objects and much more.


Arunasva Bhuyan says:

I tried to use a variation and recreate the calculator program –

num1 = input (‘enter First Number’)
num2 = input(‘enter second number’)
operator = input(‘Enter operator’)
num1 = int(num1)
num2 = int(num2)

if operator == “+”:
print(“{} + {} = {}” .format(num1, num2, num1+num2))

elif operator == “-“:
print(“{} – {} = {}”.format(num1, num2, num1 – num2))

elif operator == “*”:
print(“{} * {} = {}”.format(num1, num2, num1 * num2))

elif operator == “/” :
print(“{} / {} = {}”.format(num1, num2, num1 / num2))

print(“Use either + – * or /”)

but it prints what is after else. What is wrong anyone ?

auraxfire says:

Joe Swanson’s youtube channel. I didn’t know he knew Python.

Anime Trashcan says:


Michael Sørlie Tauselv says:

Wtf its not fucking easy

JNing Deng says:


Jim Davis says:

You have given me the guidelines to start a very valuable career and create many things in this online world as to for I thank you, this tutorial was great. I will recommend it to all friends.

Baba Patro says:

would’ve been nice if few examples were added how Pyhton is used in practical world of big data and analytics

Capt. Fantastic says:

Being a layman, I have to admit that video is good except looping part!! 🙂

Rajat Sharma says:

Excellent class, thanks Derek!. Quick note: at 39:45, line 71… I checked your website and the syntax was “return “{} is {} cm tall and {} kilograms and says {}. His owner is {}”.format(self.get_name()…………… It was “get_name()” at the end instead of just “self.__name”….. Without the “get_name()”, my program was failing. Once again, thanks for an amazing class!

Thad Josh Tayo says:

Wait, so for code-block separation, indentation actually matters? For instance, for writing more than one line of code inside if-statements, for-loops, while-loops, etc.

Sam Pollard says:

Ridiculously useful.
Many Thanks.

Peacock says:

Thank you very much Derek! A very compact lecture! You save me a lot of time to review Python.

Beamlak Tafesse says:

Yo I was workin on python for a while. I had a tutor ad everything but I have never seen a vide this good man keep doin what u do bro.print(“did you like the video ?”)Derek=input(“answer:”)If Derek == ” yes”:    print(” wasn’t that hard of a question”)else:    print(“your messed up bro”)

Bruce C says:

This is one of the best tutorials I have ever seen. I thank you with my whole heart. 🙂

Clear Prime says:

Could you get a basic job as a python coder by just knowing this? What modules should be known?

Chong Liu says:

Great tutorial Derek! Really like these!

GamerSaga says:

Hello I am curious to know why end= did not work for me?

MSR Interactive says:

Great quickstart video! Thanks for posting.

PasaiShere says:

before watching this video i thought python was a dish or some beverage but after watching it i uploaded some hand-coded windows 10 updates to Microsoft to improve their os stability while naked

Alchyy says:

Thanks. Do you plan to cover R language any time soon?

progamer1o5 says:

I kind of lost it at the class part.

Stephen Lambert says:

For the input why didn’t you just use
name = input(‘What is your name?’)

Much more simple than
print(‘What is your name’)
name = sys.stdin.readline()

fidel catsro says:

I was searching for the news story about a man eaten by a python in indonesia, and i ended up watching this instead..divine calling to be a programmer?

Anime Trashcan says:


Udai Shankar says:

Thanks for the amazing video. How do you get the window on your right, where the python interprets and seems to run and display results on the fly as you type code?

Patrick O'Dea says:

def Goat_Lang

Veshalen Ramsamy says:

DEREK ??? , the most chillest programmer on the planet !!!!, you are a legend my boy !!! (^_^)respect !!!

momo 12320 says:

my brain hurts

Diego Davalos says:

Does this work with raspberry pi 3

Reatleat Mcpagani says:

File “”, line 2
age = 21
IndentationError: unexpected indent

Karim Benzema says:

can ANYONE point out the 10% of the Python stuff that Derek has NOT included in this Video ?

He said 90% of the stuff related to python is here … so what’s the 10% not included ?

Anime Trashcan says:


CMPLX16 says:

i learned a lot of these things from Javascript at my school in sophomore year. Well, guess my high school actually was teaching me something this whole time 😀

Ranak Bansal says:

For some reason I am unable to install python correctly on mac os, i went to the website and did everything as you said but when i open idle it says this version might be unstable. When i open pycharm my console is at the bottom instead of at the side, is this normal and how do i fix it? My python version is 3.6

MegaCrasherMusic says:

Been into programming for most of my 37 years. Know C, C++, C#, Basic/VB, HTML/CSS, a bit of JS and taking a Java course right now. Somehow Python didn’t come onto my radar until a couple years ago. Heard that it was mostly used for teaching beginners so didn’t dig into it but wondering if it would still be worth learning. What serious purposes is it used for besides as a beginner language?Thoughts?

Apple Taylor says:

this is a great video but am new in programming and he is a bit fast and kinda assumed everyone has some kind of prior knowledge about programming. But it’s a good video all in all.

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