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Python Tuples are small and fast structures for storing ordered data in Python. We will learn how tuples differ from lists, and use the timeit and sys modules to measure the time and space you can save by using them.

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Python instructor: Ulka Simone Mohanty
Written & Produced by Michael Harrison
FX by Andriy Kostyuk


Rabah Iberraken says:

Excellent video and futuristic theme makes it fun to watch

Garoto GIS says:

20 seconds of your voice with the amazing background = subscriber!

RTWin777 says:

I love these videos. Socratica, you deserve 10x the views.

Tao Li says:

Very clear explanation. Thanks!

Surya Pratap Singh says:

This is really really impressive way to teach. I am loving this format of video and specially animations and voice like robot just amazing.

I want to ask that which editor or shell you are using? that is really looking cool and I want practice on that……

mohd tmeme says:

why so serious

s3abiscuit says:

I thought I knew tuples. Then I saw this video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.!!

Quinsen Joel says:


pward17 says:

No time wasted. Very nice for people just needing reminders.

Aiden Meredith says:

Tuple assignment was the missing piece of the puzzle I’ve been looking for. Thanks! These videos are top notch!

200 Subscribers without any uploads!! says:

What if i felt in love with her?

David Shea says:

all these illuminati symbols and still noone notice 🙂

Xentric says:

I Love Socratica. I’m learning a lot! I might be getting my first job in the tech sector in part because of the help of this channel. Thanks!

Jocka China says:

my god , im in love with this girl,i have never been so keen to learn programming until now ,i will recommend you to anyone learning python everychance i get ,keep it up

nick4uBB says:

I would extend info and add example how to unpack part of tuple values ie.:
>>> a, _, c, _ = (“a”, “b”, “c”, “d”)
>>> a
>>> _
>>> c

Escape the Matrix says:

I LOVE these tutorials. This presenter is HOT, and gives a great, thorough presentation too! What more could I ask for?

daniel333 says:

Love this format.

fullrandomizer says:

Great format, I like it. To the point and succinct.

CaptinDread says:

This is such a great channel if you tend to forget the name of something or want to learn more than you are in school, work,… Keep up the good work! 🙂

Satyaban Muduli says:

very good, explain well, thanks

Mayakuya says:

THAT is what i call entertainformation. Thank you!

Ameeruddin Syed says:

Excellent teaching methodology like it goes directly into brain

dingolovethrob says:

…. so how many times did it take to say “pupil tuple scruple”? 🙂

DocDawning says:

Fantastic video, thank you very much.

Martinus Lukas says:

Cool! xD

Michael Schmitt says:

Socratica, you are so sexy and intelligent. You are the female equivalent to Mr. Spock

noy levi says:

this video is so good!! thank you so much whoever is behind it

Ravi Reddy says:

One of the Best video/Lecture i’ve heard………Thank’s

Mark Waid says:

I love the format, and the way you explain everything. This is the channel I’m looking for!

da yan says:

I wish I could give this video 10 likes.

Doofer911 says:

Hey Socratica, I love this video series! It’s rare to find tutorials which impart UNDERSTANDING of a topic, most previous Python tutorials I’ve seen just seem to demonstrate various aspects but don’t really explain anything. I’m intrigued though, when I ran the timeit() method on my PC, the timings were inconsistent. Sometimes the lists took longer, sometimes the tuples took longer. I tried bumping the count to 10 million to try and make the time difference more obvious but it was still inconsistent.

I’m using Python 3.6.3 and my PC wasn’t doing anything intensive when I ran the program. Were there changes made to the timeit() method in later versions of 3.6 or optimizations made to list processing? I don’t understand why I can’t see the clear trend of lists taking longer than tuples on my computer, that’s all :/

mady mady says:

Hi Socratica, Please make videos on Machine Learning with Python using Scikit learn as well. I’m impressed the amount of knowledge and the way you are presenting lessons. Its really a new way of teaching in tutorials era.

Andrew Iammatteo says:

Truly amazing tutorial. Thanks!

Todor Dimitrov says:

Hi super to what IDE in this video…—-

Lakshit Farswan says:

Am I in love with this girl…named Python?
Michael Harrison and Kimberly Hatch Harrison, great work.

Bryan Castillo says:

Been working on python for a while and tuples just confuse the heck out of me

Oleksandr Byelyenov says:


Richard Leyton says:

Great job!

Bill Chan says:

clearest explanation of Tuples on the internet! thanks

Shashikant Gaikwad says:

Good depth of knowledge.
Fantastic way of teaching.
I feel that I am connected to digital world. Great job!!!!!

Dinesh Sharma says:

you are really beautiful mam(beauty with brain)

Chris Stefan says:

I”m VERY new to Python, but am impressed by the quality of this video – good explanation of tuples. My only quip is the speaking was a tad fast. I had to pause a few times and repeat segments in order to digest what was communicated. Still, I don’t think that’s necessarily a strike. Thanks for putting this out there. I’m looking forward to viewing more Python videos!

Gernot Pokorny says:

great video

Melinda Sterne says:

So great!

reik2006 says:

E+6 items
List time: 0.16435636737735207
Tuple time: 0.019805734839695582
Time ratio List/Tuple: 8.29842309349418

E+7 items
List time: 1.599637438146545
Tuple time: 0.19554515178480303
Time ratio List/Tuple: 8.180399378589259

E+8 items
List time: 16.03086486123015
Tuple time: 2.01066454768344
Time ratio List/Tuple: 7.9729186450817435

E+9 items
List time: 168.3920992781872
Tuple time: 20.051001004537312
Time ratio List/Tuple: 8.398189159737312

Ajit Kumar says:

can you please mute background music. Its distracting.

Ashok A says:

i love you and your tutorials i’m very much impressed the way you teach can you please make a play list for django and some data science concepts like pandas, scipy, numpy, scikitlearn, matplotlib

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