Python Tutorial: Learn Python In One Video (2018) – Ardit Sulce

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In this 1 hour video you will learn Python Programming from scratch. You will learn Python variables, datatypes, functions, conditionals, loops, user input, and file handling. This will give you a good foundation of Python.

If you want to skyrocket your Python Programming skills be sure to check out “The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications” taught by Ardit Sulce. The course is a combination of video lectures, real world code examples, quizzes, exercises, real life Python projects, and a Q&A section to interact with the instructor.

Specifically, in this python course you are going to build 10 Python applications which are:
• A program that generates definitions of English words
• A program that blocks access to distracting websites 
• A web map visualizing volcano locations and population data
• A portfolio website
• A desktop graphical program that interacts with a database
• A webcam motion detector
• A web scraper of property data
• An interactive web graph
• A database web application to collect data
• A web service that converts addresses to coordinates

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Python Standard Library:

Topics in the playlist:
Variables in Python, Numbers in Python, Strings in Python, Lists in Python, Tuples in python, Dictionaries in python.
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The course is taught by Ardit Sulce. Ardit received his master’s degree in Geospatial Technologies from the Institute of Geoinformatics at University of Muenster, Germany. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geodetic Engineering.
Ardit offers his expertise in Python development on Upwork where he has worked with companies such as the Swiss in-Terra, Center for Conservation Geography, and Rapid Intelligence. He is the founder of PythonHow where he authors written tutorials about the Python programming language.
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Weldon Kemei says:

Thanks for all you do.. God bless

abhishek pandey says:

Just wrote a calculator program 😉 good start on python !!

poluru Lakshmi Prasanna says:

Please lecture some what loud increase your voice sir it is not audible

ogsconnect says:

Nice one. Thanks

Michelle Kranz says:


Raj Shekhar says:

Hi Ardit, you have done excellent job in one hour. This is really useful for those coming from other programming platforms to quickly delve into python.Thanks a lot

Shiyu Jin says:

My favourite teacher in Udemy

shivani soni says:

Excellent video, specially for beginners. Thanks a lot

Puneet sharma says:

I am interested in ethical hacking, do you teach that??

himanshu aditya says:

This is not the full course !!! Explained till file….

Shikha Awasthi says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Very useful. Highly recommended.

praveen sharma says:

wonderful tutorial

END61 says:

this really helps me

Surender Reddy says:

Excellent, just an hour I got idea on Python programming..thanks…

Digambar Jadhav says:

Plz make some videos on class in python how its work

zhulin fengye says:

very good

Obidoba Richborn says:

Please, I have no idea about Programming and I want to be a Python programmer but I dnt know know if this course will help me because i am a scratch beginner

fspilot79 says:

Thank you.

Nithin MSV says:

Thumbs Up!!!

Karri Saipranav says:

hi, can we open .log files like you showed how to open .txt ?

ivan ninichuck says:

I am taking his python megacourse, definitely can say Ardit knows how to teach this subject very clearly. Excited to keep following his course progress.

Helmar Bachle says:

I can hardly understand your accent

Dagoth Ur says:

No python script ever works for me off of GitHub, ever. No thanks, I will stick to C.

Deepthi Jakkampudi says:

The way you teach is Awesome…

Raymond Beecham says:

Good introduction. Thank you.

Sanyam Jain says:

Can I download python in android ??

Nedim Čustović says:

How to put middle brackets?

Constantin Luciu says:

ok thank you

Ashutosh Ranade says:

Sir can I have an email of yours to talk with you related a project I’m on?

Udemy Tech says:

For more from Ardit, Like this video, and share what you want to learn in the comments.

The Red Rose says:

Ardit, you rock! the way you explain details is simply self-explanatory and straight forward .. keep up the great job!!

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