Raspberry Pi – How to start programming with Python

Raspberry Pi – How to start programming with Python
Raspberry Pi


Alex Bogdan says:

this is useless

midhad zulic says:


Ramu Bhalluka says:


余德鸿 says:

Hi,handsome engineer,I am a amazon seller ,I have a raspberry pi 3.if you interested in it,I can send it to you.As refund,can you take some advertisement in your Facebook and your YouTube and help me to test it?If you are interested,please contact to me!

Influxx Media says:

What OS is that? Definitely not Rasbian

Colin Smith says:

This looks fun,you have got me hooked!

Natalia Heidel says:


Jake Cozart says:

This is less of how to work with the Raspberry PI and more of a tutorial on how to execute python.

Sri Haran says:

This is very hard than arduino

Killa says:

I’m 10 And I hope to have a carrer in coding

NuclearWarGames says:

my raspberry pi is stuck on a Scratch window, how do i get on my desktop!!!

Clive Bailey says:

It would be helpful if you explained what Putty is and how to use VNC to remotely control a Raspberry Pi. It would be helpful if you used an editor provided on the Raspberry Pi rather than the one you do use.

Gamer Snowy says:

So to clarify, you’re doing this on raspberry pi?

jaya rayee says:

does raspberry pi have “touch” sensor

SubbedIsBetter says:

Does the raspberry pi 2 use Python 2 and the raspberry 3 use python 3? I honestly have no idea!

Sam Bell says:

I know right boooooring why would anyone wanna learn this….oh yeah, money

surendra Nani says:

which os u used in this rasberry

mathias nilsen says:

is it the same for all of the rasberries?

PennirayTheTroller idkwhatthisis says:

is the starting python editor the same as geany? because I did a course at invent the world and we used geany on pi 3

Hampo2003 says:

For everyone saying programing etc. is boring.
A guy named Emile (or something like that) managed to reprogram an app that would give you a free burger at McDonalds, only he made it so he and his friends could get free burgers, forever. All with the coding of an evening.

Any Bag says:

Are you doing this from a raspberry pi gui or windows desktop?

Parrot Tech says:

very helpfulll thankyou!

midhad zulic says:

im getting a raspberry pi and this is helping me:-)

Atomic Genius says:

i am poor kid who wanna make his dreams come true my name is humphrey i love computers in my country i am known by people buh they cant help me if you can help me become who i wannabe be please email me

Turnip says:

I want to make my raspberry turn on and off lights, that things does not make sense why would i wsay hello?

deepak pandey says:

c’mon don’t make me view the all 9 minutes u don’t have it the don’t make silly videos

Mike Abbott says:


Ari Chatenay says:

I would consider investing in a mic.

Gear Games says:

Does the program works just like Arduinos programming platform?

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