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Sets are a key way to store data in Python. In this tutorial, we show you how to create sets, how to add and remove elements from a set, and how to take the union and intersection of two sets. We will talk about lists, dictionaries and tuples in separate videos.

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Python instructor: Ulka Simone Mohanty
Written & Produced by Michael Harrison
FX by Andriy Kostyuk


CgiScript says:

What a good presentation i liked it !!

The Diary of Music says:

I absolutely love these videos!

Ahmed Eid says:

I like when they vids are to the point.

Asher Neumann says:

Hi, i’m quite confused with something. Objects in a set always need to be immutable , then why does the set in example 2 contain a list which is a mutable object?
example2 = set([28, True, 2.71828, “Helium”])
Why does this work?

Arean a says:

clicking in the “Head”! it is very good indeed.

Jerferson de Matos says:

For those who are not native It’s a little dificult to catch up with the speed of her speaking

Justin Robertson says:

These are great videos. Thanks!

Achin Gupta says:


Alexander Køpke says:

Awesome video on sets in python! Thanks!

dingolovethrob says:

Very Useful And Informative. Thank you….. (oh, and great humour too, the style is excellent and I can imagine it might lure in many young minds who will find the series both fun and very useful).

My Gmail says:

Hi ..could you please make some videos that how can we use python for automate stuff ?

Gabe Payne says:

The lack of views on these videos is absolutely criminal.

Ashish Sahu says:

Except the good thing No-duplicates, If set doesn’t preserve any order, why would anyone want to use it over list or tuple.

Shortcut says:

Started at video 1 and i subscribed instant. This is what i needed. short to the point video’s. basically spoonfeeding me bit by bit. Already i’m starting to see the immense power of this programming language, i have no previous coding experience, only HTML, CSS and a bit of CISCO CCNA.

This is by far the best method to get started if you do not have much or none experience at all. learning coding is hard and can be frightening at times. the humour really helps relax and focus better. i can’t get enough of this and plan to watch out the whole playlist in a binge.

Video of motivation UCG Karol Piotr Skalski says:

Very informational, thank you for creating it 🙂

Justin Chan says:

2 in primes,
6 in odds,

Jiayuan Sun says:

I need to watch this video in VR

Anthony Myers says:

Just stunning tutorials. Thank you Socratica.

Eternal Mist says:

Wowzers, That was AMAZING! clear and straight to the point. Great job to all involved in producing these! MOAR!!!!!

Fr. Richard Hill says:

Great lesson. I like the combining of why it’s important to use the functions and objects the way Python set them up. Helps me to understand how I will use it in the future and hopefully remember the differences in sets, tuples, list, and dictionaries.

sukul handa says:

too scary

John Smith says:

Upvote for thorium!

Swapnil Jain says:

What is exact difference between list, tuple, set, dictionary?

Jake Ambrose says:

great videos ill contribute soon and set up regular contributions

Callum says:

This is like Dune 2000 mission brief lol

tony das says:

The best tutorial series I came across.

Abang Jalan2 says:


Mark Cuevas says:

Very well explained and documented. Thank you!

Nelson Mandela says:

Great video never imagined tutorials could be done this way, thanks.

Erick Cardozo says:

>>> amazing_videos in Socrastica

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