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Reading and writing text files is an essential programming skill. Python gives you a simple and powerful tool for working with text files: the open function. This lets you open a wide variety of files – both text or binary – in many different modes (read, write and append). Today we will show you how to read and write text files, and show you several ways to accomplish each task.

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Python instructor: Ulka Simone Mohanty (@ulkam on Twitter)
Written & Produced by Michael Harrison (@mlh496 on Twitter)


Intellectual Tux says:

A Python-Kivy series would really be of great help!

Julio Bedaque says:

thank you about this amazin job.

Sai Krishna Pavan Suryatej Meda says:

Could you make a video on GUI making in python

Rose Simon says:

watched almost 30 vedis.it made me to fall in love with learning python..great work…keep it up

Niels Baltodano says:

thank you very much Socratica

Amrit Gupta says:

Hello socratica …how can i download this particular editor…thanx for videos.

codecaine says:

Binary files should be next. 🙂

Max Qin says:

Thanks for the updates. But anyone can further explain the “with open() as obj”, which is confused for me?

kirby urner says:

I’m a fan of the Socratica Python videos. Pithy / Pythonic.

xhimiz14 says:

Great as always

Handsome_Hero says:

i love it. i have to watch 10 times though because she speaks so quickly

igor Smirnov says:

Is it possible to subcribe to only playlist about python, not to the whole chanel?

DevLogger says:

wow you can exit in vim? finally!

Filip Ve says:

XML combines the efficiency of text files with the readability of binary files

Thomas O'Hare says:

Got the email Dec. 1 and here without delay. This is the best IS related video series I have seen in over 20 years of quality time with my square headed girlfriend. Short, sweet and to the point — just like the presenter. 😉

50PullUps says:


George Hatoutsidis says:

Amazing. love your videos

Austin Anderson says:

Episode on binary files would be amazing…

George Miller says:

These videos are so good and so funny

Mithras Kuipers says:

This series is amazing! Please keep up the good work.
The futuristic atmosphere created in this series makes learning code much more fun!
Thank you Socratica team 🙂

Sky Se7en says:

thanks, this is wonderful!

Andy Dyrcz says:

Nice! I’m glad you went into handling exceptions and didnt just leave it showing how to open and read a file.

MurderfaceWill says:

You are hot.

Greg F says:


abdulfattah tawil says:


Yiannos Christou says:

Excellent! Thank you! Please make one about sockets! Thumbs up so it can be seen, should anyone else be interested as well.

CannabinatedFantasy says:

This draws me in enough to want to learn.

Tony Perrone says:

Awesome as always!!

Nanduri Bharrath says:

just like you did, but what if i want to do such analysis for 10-15 .txt documents?
is there a way that i can create a function and pass .txt file as an argument to it?

Dennis Kamonde says:

Thanks Socratics, make more videos about classes

Gao Channing says:


Bruno Araujo says:

Estamos esperando o Socratica no Brasil!!!!!

This could be your advertisement! says:

Can you please make a video on binary files too?

Lúcia Abreu says:

Amazing! I Will share and support 🙂

Albert Farewege says:

great script. great delivery. tks. Loved the final closing comment.


I had asked many times before. Are you gonna do videos C#.Net ?

unvrknow22 says:

I’m a simple man. I see a new Python video from Socratica and I click thumbs up.

kevin madrigales says:

¿cuando subirán video en socratica español?

Tshiamo Phamotse says:

Thanks Socratica as soon as am able I’ll donate to your page.

munna Munna says:

It is very helpful to start with OOPS also..

Michael Schmitt says:

Give me your orders, Socratica.

gespilk says:

Why it is so complicated?
It should be
show me guido_bio.txt

Bruno Araujo says:

Estamos esperando o Socratica no Brasil!!!!!

Neno jay says:

i love these short python videos so much , but that lady in the videos scary the shite out of me.

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