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Unit tests are a way to make sure your code is correct. Python comes with a built-in unit test framework that makes it easy to write a lot of tests for your software. In fact, many engineers will write a series of tests before they begin coding. This approach is called “test driven development” and is very effective.

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If you’d like a reference book, we recommend “Python Cookbook, 3rd Edition” from O’Reilly:

The Mythical Man Month – Essays on Software Engineering & Project Management

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Python instructor: Ulka Simone Mohanty (@ulkam on Twitter)
Written & Produced by Michael Harrison (@mlh496 on Twitter)


Arun Bhardwaj says:

Thnks for Python tutorial.

calabrais says:

Amazing video, but I’m glad they used j for sqrt(-1), that’s the standard in electrical engineering.

Oscar Champion says:

Test doesn’t sound like a word anymore

Vipin Tyagi says:

The unit testing has been shown in Unix editor. How can the same example be run in Spyder in windows? Kindly explain !!!

TallWaters says:

This was a great subject for a video, nice one.

Escape the Matrix says:

This one was a little over my head, but now I know what I need to study.

Matt _ says:

you inspire me ….! love it !

Rudolph Lombaard says:

As always @Socratica, short simplistic videos, that cuts right to the chase and explains a topic in Python in a very concise manner, giving the Viewer just enough to satisfy the initial curiosity,which prompts the Viewer to then to go study more.

unvrknow22 says:

To quote FDR, “The only thing we have to fear is if Socratica stops making these awesome Python vids.”

Russell Teapot says:

I wonder why the drive letter is always E:

hamdan ketbi says:


Cabdixakiim Yusuf says:

I am just surprised

Tyler Welch says:

These videos are great! I’ve read a few python books, and followed along with a few different courses, and you’re videos have made me actually “understand” the topics you cover.
Love it! Keep it up !


Never quit guys….You are awesome!!!

Escape the Matrix says:

A new Socratica Python video! YAY! Christmas came early!

Pranav Gajjewar says:

You explain the concepts in such a simple manner that it makes it easy to learn the rest by myself. And the occasional interspersed dry humor makes the whole lesson more memorizable.

Please do a video on Python Generators.

Python My says:

very very thanks !!! I want more python modules and libs ))

walber026 says:

Greate one, Socratica!

CaptBeardie says:

I love this damn channel. Seriously, this helps me out so much!

Adorno says:

Nice video.

Alvin Thai says:

Then there’s the second type.

mrbrockpeters says:

Love the way she speaks. More pauses than William Shatner and Christopher Walken combined.

Duane Yaiser says:

There’s much to love about this series, but I especially love that you use vim. 🙂

Ringo Lin says:

Great tutorial.But I have a question that how can we do automated test for embedded system with python unittest modules? Can you provide any further tutorial about this?Thanks.

Steven Nguyen says:

Can’t u just programming as human?

Amit Saroj says:


Amin Ahmed says:

loved it

MJ Kluck says:

Excellent channel!

Albert Farewege says:

Thank you Scoratica. Like a dry martini.

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