Basic Analytical Techniques | Data Science With R Tutorial

Basic Analytical Techniques Using R tools. After completing this course you will be able to:

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1. Get a basic introduction to R
2. Understand exploration of data
3. Explore data using R
4. Visualize data using R
5. Understand diagnostic analytics
6. Implementing diagnostic analytics using R
7. Understand these concepts with the help of case studies

Data Science with R Language Certification Training:

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The Data Science with R training course has been designed to impart an in-depth knowledge of the various data analytics techniques which can be performed using R. The course is packed with real-life projects, case studies, and includes R CloudLabs for practice.

Mastering R language: The course provides an in-depth understanding of the R language, R-studio, and R packages. You will learn the various types of apply functions including DPYR, gain an understanding of data structure in R, and perform data visualizations using the various graphics available in R.

Mastering advanced statistical concepts: The course also includes the various statistical concepts like linear and logistic regression, cluster analysis, and forecasting. You will also learn hypothesis testing.

As a part of the course, you will be required to execute real-life projects using CloudLab. The compulsory projects are spread over four case studies in the domains of healthcare, retail, and Internet. R CloudLab has been provided to ensure a practical and hands-on experience. Additionally, we have four more projects for further practice.

Who should take this course?
There is an increasing demand for skilled data scientists across all industries which makes this course suited for participants at all levels of experience. We recommend this Data Science training especially for the following professionals:
1. IT professionals looking for a career switch into data science and analytics
2. Software developers looking for a career switch into data science and analytics
3. Professionals working in data and business analytics
4. Graduates looking to build a career in analytics and data science
5. Anyone with a genuine interest in the data science field
6. Experienced professionals who would like to harness data science in their fields

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Pradeep Sandra says:

amazing sir….

Nancy V says:

Muy clara explicación (y en un inglés muy claro también).

Vivek Mishra says:

Good content but I would have preferred a human reading out.

katniss2000 says:

nrow gives the number of columns and ncol gives the number of rows? I assume thats switched around?

Pragyanshu Labh says:

Awesome video. Extremely helpful. Tons of thanks to the trainer and Simplilearn 🙂

Bhawnesh Rai says:

Nicely explained

Brijesh Shah says:

Watched the whole video, never thought it would be so interesting can i get more of these, if its not a lot to ask , thanks already. 😀

Siddharth Raj says:

meaning less, no value. Simple reading PPT. never recommended

Data Science Tutorials says:

Good coverage on basic analytical techniques. Thanks for sharing

dipen pulami says:

Thanks a lot. It is very helpful

VJ Robs says:

Great video for understanding Data analysis and Visualization. Kudos to the efforts!!!

Myta Santiago says:

Hi SimpliLearn! Do you have a certification course for Business Analytics 101? If so, how much, and is it online?

tosif khan says:

I don’t find lesson 2

Ashok Thangavelu says:

Great video.. Really useful 🙂

Tony C says:

Help at 16:00 it says no such file or directory. where do i get europe.csv?

Junwei Zhang says:

Best R tutorial I’ve seen so far, thanks.

Ajay Kasanna says:

very good information about R

srinivas reddy says:

I want to talk with you……this is Srinivas….my number 9640129877

Elienai Moraes says:

Very good explaination!

Shruthi L says:

Can you able to share the data set

Mary Joseph says:

great way of teaching. I like it

Ajmal Shaikh says:

very nicely explained

Adrienne Welch says:

Great video and excellent tutorial on R. Appreciating sir. Do you have any plan to offer same kind video lecturing on Julia. Requesting you to do the same for Julia for us. Thanks for your consideration.

Thanhtacles says:

Do you have a link to the data set you are using on plotly?

Alwin Thomas says:

hey why is this available on youtube? I enrolled to this course and if its available on youtube i don t feel the worth of money being taken. I feel they should be keeping this as an intellectual property and not share it.

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