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Download and install R Statistical Software and RStudio.
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To download R programming Software go to and to download R Studio go to

◼︎ Topics addressed in this video:

0:00:27 how to download R from

0:00:41 how to download R through one of the CRAN pages

0:00:53 how to select a mirror (location) to download R from.

0:01:40 how to install R programming language on your computer: step by step

0:02:37 how to download and install RStudio

0:02:43 download RStudio from

0:03:37 how to install RStudio on your computer: step by step

This video is a tutorial for programming in R Statistical Software for beginners, using R Studio.

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Our Team:
Content Creator: Mike Marin (B.Sc., MSc.) Senior Instructor at UBC.
Producer: Ladan Hamadani (B.Sc., BA., MPH)

These #RTutorial are created by #marinstatslectures to support the statistics course (#SPPH400) at The University of British Columbia(UBC) although we make all videos available to the public for free.



Thanks indeed Mike.You have made it very simple.May God bless you!! Have you produced anything else after these series.Please let me know.

nabeel hasan says:

Thanks for describing the installation process

SampledGlobe says:

This helped a lot!

Z Z. says:

This is so helpful. Thank you so much for making this video.

Kendall Sain says:

Why is this video half way down the playlist?

Abra Mo says:

Thanks for the information. You are awesome.

Erick Carvajal says:


Martin Zhao says:

Im in Vancouver too!!!!!!

Jackson Gomes Antunes says:

I just want to be thank you, @MarinStatsLectures to provide us this tutorials with subtitle, it’s so must better for me that don’t know english very well (as can you see in this phrase haha). Will help me a lot!


Data Science Tutorials says:

Good details. Thanks for sharing

هقشض ئثشم says:

how can I download this video

Leo Ushanoff says:

Awesome tutor!

Hemanko Kashyap says:

“i m gona agree as i have already read through it”………………… yeah right!

Elise0130 says:

My masters professor is really young and goes SUPER fast. By the time I am done taking notes and understanding a concept, he has already moved through another topic. You are filling in the gaps and helping me keep up with the fast pace. Thanks 🙂

Qiqi Han says:

Thank you so so so so so somuch for your explaining~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hernan Larriva says:


Krzysztof S says:

This tutorial looks very professional. This is next tutorial I will go with.

rjanyolivia says:

thanks for the tutorial, you saved my life today

TKSGL89 says:

What is Rstudio for? Isn’t R enough? Thank you

Kubra Ka says:

I was trying to download this program earlier today and just gave up after looking for 10 min or so. One of my friends just sent me this link and I downloaded in shorter than 5 minutes lol. Thank you soooo much <3

john doe says:

What type of screen recording program do you use? Also thanks for the videos!

lilyhwangathotmail says:

Hi Mike, I am about to do a blog and just wanted make sure I have your permission to reference you…. Your videos are a great starting point!

Liu Lin says:

WOW, Thank you so very much(非常感谢), these videos are of great help to me.

Josh Bary says:

This is the best tutorial on how to download RStudio I have found.

Douglas Falkenburg says:

Great! Now I know how to run an installer from windows. But what I don’t know is how to get the workspace/history and packages window to appear when I run RStudio. They don’t seem to be the default and are used in your subsequent video.

tahira habib says:

Hi marin! can you please tell me how can i connect rstudio and php,, actually i want to display rstudio graphs and data on my website,, i am using xampp local server??

Tecwallet says:

Hi Mike – Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial on R Programming. I would also like to add this video at under your name with reference to your youtube channel. Let me know if you are fine with that.

Keep up the good work !!

Makarand Umarji says:

Hey hi,
Firstly, all your videos are amazing, so thanks for that.
I have encountered a problem here, R is able to read file when I type
read.table(“file.choose(),header=T, sep=”t”)
but when I attach(LungCapData)
it says no object found, I have also checked the directory by dir() and the file exists.
So how to proceed now I am stuck.
Thanks again

Ujwal Dey says:

I hope the viewers here donate or are at least open to donating. Marin not only makes wonderful videos but also replies to queries readily. What a teacher, what a person.

I dug out his page for donations from his website:

The least we can do for such an amazing teacher.

Maroun Abou Tanos says:

Very Nice videos !

Multistats says:

Why do I need R studio? Why can’t I just use R?

PassionForHisWord says:

“I’m going to go ahead and agree because I’ve already read through it.” Suuuuuure

P J says:

Awesome Marin … keep up the good work … Thank you very much for showing how to download and install. . the world needs more people like you 🙂

Tarek Elghazali says:

I would like to thank you for all your videos, they are easy to understand.

Maroun Abou Tanos says:

Subscribed .

Stacy Holt says:

I have donwloaded R using these steps. When i open the application there is only one window in the top right to enter values into. How do i get the other two viewing windows, like the ones shown in this video?

Acer Y says:

Good job Mike, this is my Day zero at ‘R’, i wanted to learn Tableau for Data Visualization, and then someone suggested me to learn R as well, could you please tell me how R and Tableau are related, and is it worth to Learn only one of them ? What has more demand ? Can R replace the work Hadoop does ?

Anjana Devi says:

can we create applications by using r if it can do we have any applications by using r please give some answer

Abrahim Javed says:

What happens if you pick the wrong closest R program?

Litovoi says:

Thanks for your videos
I still have a question about how to make first column a header with periods or individuals?

Sarı P says:

I am just seeing the console

Diego Torres says:

Hello, what program you use to rec your screen?

Sneha Naik says:

Was lost in the sea of choices of R tutorials. I’m glad I found yours.
Thank you for putting this together for the rest of us. 🙂

java team says:

How to make restful service (API) using R. Can you give a simple example for fetch current timestamp from some familiar DB(MYSQL) using ARI call

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