Getting started with R and RStudio

A review of R and RStudio, showing where to download them, and highlighting and demonstrating many of RStudio’s capabilities as a programming environment for R.


MrHugosky1 says:

Thank you very much!

MV N says:

Does working with R or R Studio mean that you have to be good with programming and do lots of scripting work? I see R/R Studio is a requirement for many Business Analyst roles but i thought BA role was mostly just reporting and data visualization work and that all scripting/data querying tasks were handled by database teams of the company, well at least that’s how it was at my previous employer.

Elijah Kelsey says:

Thank you very much for this video! I am looking forward to learning R and potentially applying it to the world of business.

silesh paul says:

thank you bro.. i’m new to this Rstudio.. i need to understand the functions more

asnath nnko says:

Thank you for this introductory video. It has helped me a lot as a beginner.

Mohammed Ali says:

Thank you for useful video

Suvoshree Bose says:

thank you so much for describing this in so simple way

Rayyan Nadim says:


Tintin Joy says:


itsalilpricey says:

I’ve been using RStudio for a few months now and I still learned a few things from your video! My favorite is the different themes for the editor/ console, so much easier to look at than the white background. I had no idea there were options! Thanks!

F Bennett says:

Great intro – simple, lots of help tips and extra resources.

Dylan Wan says:

Thanks for your nice video. It is very helpful.

王垚 says:


Munkhdulam Otgonbayar says:

Thanks a lot.

Sampath Senadheera says:

Thanks ,it gives very important tips for r-studio users like us , thanks

The Last says:

Where is this community?, from what I have seen the support for R is sh!t.

sarthak dash says:

Great Intro Video…. … Waiting for Advanced Videos …

Mewzyque says:

I appreciate you <3

Innocent Wafula says:

I wanna start learning R. Let me say I am a beginner who does not even know codding, is it possible?

Cal_Hennesey says:

Great video, nice and clear and shows useful tools for a beginner.

Alice Shamá says:


dpamula says:

Nice Intro…Thanks

Ele says:

Thank you! Perfect for a first overview which doesn’t scare you away hahah 🙂

1979Tron says:

Thanks for sharing! I was glad to learn about some of the online forums and the existence of tutorials. Learning new tools can be intimidating at any stage of your career, but this makes it more palatable.

ud8w0lakoo says:

bro. people that want to learn R or RStudio DO NOT NEED instructions on how to download a shitty file from the internet. dont waste our time. thx

An Nguyễn says:

thank you. nice and clear for beginners 🙂

david yuwono says:

good video, thanks 🙂

Chaitanya Barhale says:

Great video.. Good place to start for a beginner..

Yuanyuan Wang says:

Dose anyone know how to download the RStudio for Mac??? can anyone tell me ?

Mark Schira says:

Watching your nice video I noticed the ‘workspace’ pane in your upper right panel. How did it get there? It does not appear to be standard? At least version 1.0.106 does not ship with it.
What am I missing?

JoeCubicle says:

Very nice intro to R. I’m an ASP .net dev with a friend entering the Bio-Info community. I’m shadowing his ‘R’ research for interest sake.

Tecwallet says:

Hi Mike – Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial on R Programming. I would also like to add this video at under your name with reference to your youtube channel. Let me know if you are fine with that.

Keep up the good work !!

Rashid Hussain says:

Interesting , very basic introduction for beginners, thank you publisher.

Alex L says:

This Video is really awesome. Thank you very much.

Federico Gonzalez says:

Thank you!! Very well explained and easy to understand 🙂

Tuan Long says:

Thanks! I use RStudio too, tell me please, how to get that color background 🙂

Christoph Maier says:

Thank you for this great tutorial!

Jatin Nagpal says:

Nice video for someone who is completely new to R

TheMagnifico721 says:

Thank you, I appreciate the help.

Alexander Grundhöfer says:

Thank you! That was very helpful!

Ana Much says:

Thank you very much for this video it is really helpful.

Borui Shi says:

Thank you. It is really helpful

M Flores says:

Great introductory video to get started. Thanks.

TariqTheTutor says:

Thank you, I greatly appreciate the way you make it seem really easy, you are a great teacher.

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