Getting Started With R (R Tutorial 1.3)

Introduction to R Programming: Learn how to assign values to objects, perform basic arithmetic functions (+, -, *, /), and a few other handy things in R. You will also learn the “ls”, “rm”, “sqrt”, “log”, “exp”, “abs”, and “#” commands. This video is a tutorial for programming in R Statistical Software for beginners.

0:00:20 How to assign values to an object in R: 2 different ways

0:01:46 How to use “ls” command to see what is stored in R

0:01:57 How to remove an object using “rm” command

0:02:52 How to assign character values to objects in R

0:03:37 How to perform arithmetic operations in R

0:04:50 How to take the square root of an object using “sqrt” command

0:05:07 How to use the “log” command in R

0:05:12 How to take the exponent or anti-log using “exp” command

0:05:30 How to calculate the absolute value using the “abs” command

0:06:14 a few handy keyboard shortcuts in R

0:06:41 How to include comments and notes within code in R using # sign


leter pou says:

How you get those tabs on the side that shows your variables

Multistats says:

Hi, Mike! When I downloaded R, in addition to the x64 R icon, which I was expecting, it created an i386 icon. What purpose does this have, and can I get rid of it?

Sai PrasHanna says:

I m frank to say very easy to understand this

Louai Saloumi says:

Thanks for this amazing video, from now R will be easy and interesting 🙂

I have a question the right part (workplace,files,….) in this video I can’t see , why?

Multistats says:

I think I understand object-oriented programming, but why are variables referred to as “objects” in R? In statistics, we have random variables, not random objects. It seems like an odd detail that does not appear necessary. Thanks, Mike!

Soumilya De says:

wow.. Great Tutorial.. Thanks 🙂

Ankita Oli says:

I have downloaded R but in my R screen , workspace tab is missing. Kindly help.

Charles Amofordjuoh says:

wow R seems to be much more easier than c++

Ujwal Dey says:


Morrise Hoblee says:

very nice tut! good job!

Chris Lira says:

# Thanks Marin very useful and appreciated.

Ajoeanna Brown says:

I seem to somehow can’t see the workplace/ history column nor the file/package/plot/help column. I down loaded both August when I started Statistical Science and I’ve been intrigues to use R since then but I had to drop the course because I found out i didn’t have the pre-requisite half way into the course. Can I get some help please on how to get those two additional columns ? Did I do something wrong? or Is it that that’s how R look on mac pc ?

Mohamed Khalifa says:

Thank you, well done

Jamal Ahmad says:

Thanks for this useful tutorial.

narain kabir says:

Thankyou so much sir, I just Installed r a couple of days ago in order to go through the basics, this video has really helped me in grasping them. thanks again!

Kothapalli Sai Raghuram says:

how to open the workspace window in R ? and one more thing, that if I use R and not R studio, would that be ok ? Thanks in advance.

Hamed Dadgour says:

Great video!

Olivia Bucher says:

Thank you for your tutorials!!

Melvin Noche says:

+MarinStatsLectures This is the best R tutorial! I’ve been looking around for R tutorials and you nailed it! Better than Coursera’s R Programming course!!!

Ratanak Khoeun says:

I’m new in R. These videos help me a lot. Thank you so much.

dhananjay dubey says:

great work…i dnt have words to appreciate u more sir..:)

mayir says:

Great tutorial! Though I recommend speeding up to 1.5 for anyone watching

Devendra Borkar says:

very useful, thanks a lot.

Deepak Gupta says:

You are Awesome Marin!!!. Really great videos…Short and sweet.

o0o0o0o0 says:

Thank you Mike! You saved my statistics course 🙂

Maksim Li says:


Bani Sharma says:

i m very new to R so can you just explain why log value in R and in calculator not same? I mean log for 9 in R is 2.19 whereas in calculator its 0.95

Suvarna J says:

THANKS A LOT – very nicely explained.

charleefr says:

Great tutorial!

Александр Мирошник says:

Спасибо за видео

soha shadbash says:

thank you so much, it was so helpful.

Maria Jose Quiñones says:

how do you save the RStudio console? so you don’t loose the data

William P. G. says:

Hi, Thanks for the useful tutorials. I just started using R and I still don’t know for example how to create a file in R or to save it and this kind of basic stuff. I’d really appreciate if you could tell me in which video can I find this info.

Benjamin Harlander says:

This video serves as a very effective and brief introduction to R. I like that this video covers a lot of the common operations that can be performed. This makes it effective for those who have experience in other programming languages so they can see how the R syntax differs. It also provides a good introduction to the basic steps of programming in general. The only downside is that it would be nice to introduce those new to R where they can find the software, and also the differences in the R download from CRAN versus RStudio. I think new users can benefit from using RStudio due to the argument hints and familiar interface. Thanks for posting!

Cosmo Antonio Ignazzi says:

great explanation thanks 🙂


very good one its help me a lot thank u marin

heba khateb says:

thanks a lot.

shaheer farooq says:

I cant see the Workspace on my right side of the R-Studio.Do you help me to work this thing out?

Abubakar-Sadiq Abdulai says:

Excellent job! But I will like to point out that, when you have x = 11, 11 is the object assigned to a variable x. But you said x is an object assigned the value 11. Objects in R include scalars, vectors, matrices, arrays, lists, graphs, e.t.c. In fact whatever can be assigned to a variable is an object in R. Thank you.

Colonel Graff says:

This video was downvoted by two pirates who thought they were learning ‘Arrrrrrgh!’

Abdullah Mohammed says:

you are amazing

Alex Fast says:

A very clear explanation of some basics! Thank you so much Sir!

nihar ranjan Jena says:

Hi Marine! I am a novice learner of R. However, I am hell bent on learning R as it is a great software which I can put into use for my econometrics studies. The videos appear great to start with. Any tips, you would like to give to me Marine?

Jordan Shackelford says:

What the difference between <- and =

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