Introduction to R Programming for Excel Users

R programming is rapidly becoming a valuable skill for data professionals of all stripes and a must-have skill for aspiring data scientists. Adding R programming to your data analyst skillset allows you to leverage powerful data visualizations, statistical analyses, and even machine learning in your daily work.

In this presentation, Dave Langer illustrates how your knowledge of performing data analyses in Microsoft Excel gives you a unique foundation for quickly learning how to apply R in your daily work.

No knowledge of R coding is required for this meetup as Dave will illustrate scenarios in Excel and then walk through how each Excel scenario is implemented in R.

Attendees will learn how:

• Fundamental concepts of Excel (e.g., working with tables, collections of cells, and functions) translate 100% to working with data in R.

• Excel pivot tables translate to R code.

• Creating charts in Excel is very similar to creating data visualizations in R.

• R offers visualizations not available in Excel out of the box.

An Excel spreadsheet and R code will be made available prior to the meetup via GitHub for attendees interested in following along during the talk.

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Raqueeb Hassan says:

Outstanding! Keep up the good work.

Phuc Duong says:

I’m still rooting for JavaScript!! I dream of the day where machine learning in JavaScript is viable.

Giuliko says:

Outstanding Dave, congratulations. I’m an telecommunications engineer and currently I work with Data Science. But 95% of the time I use VBA along with SQL Server and Access. Fortunately I can do good stuff using VBA/Excel and thinking out of the box and it’s really fast. But as long as I do not master any other language to work with data science, I feel that I’m still missing something. I didn’t know that R was biuld from the scratch to be a data science language and that make me consider to learn it. I’m gonna watch your other videos on this channel. Do you have any other R courses available?

J P says:

Bravo! Great presentation. Is RStudio the best option to use? And what R packages are the best to use?

Hari Kaku says:

Hi DavidThanks for the wonderful presentation,I am trying to find the 12 Video series you posted but it seems they no longer exists. Have they been deleted. I was viewing Part II for installing ggplots. But was unable do so. Please advise

A.L. Webb says:

Hi, I have a question, and this is relevant for excel too. If you know about the existence of a function, you can learn to use it. But how do you find out about the existence of a function in R? For example, you want to do x, and want to know if there is a function or package which can do f(x). How do you search for this? There seems to be so much functionality in R, but nobody can possibly know all operations. If you know a function, you can get help on it, but how do you find a ‘new’ function?

Wesley says:

This is by far the most helpful resource to helping me learn R. I use Excel for my current job and this coming semester, we will be using Stata for my master’s in economics. I picked up R to start working with a language before school begins and also because of my cousin who is a Data Scientist that highly recommended working with R. Thank you so much for the video and supplemental material!

Sahil Aggarwal says:

CSV files are not working when I open it in excel

Marioustx Excel says:

Thank you for sharing.

ElGtheTS says:

Good quality stream. Loved how you overlaid the slides/video, and repeated the questions the audience had.

bas van der helm says:

Hi I like your lecture, I was only wondering why you used the funtion of LetterNumber like B2 and not the function [@column]. In my opinion the table functions wil still work much better when you starting to filter youre columns?

Pascale Jacqueline Petit says:

Many thanks for articulating so well how to transpose Excel to R. Great presentation.

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