Introduction to R Programming Online Course: (Day 1 of 16; Part 1 of 8)

Introduction to R Programming is an open enrollment, live, interactive online course offered by the non-profit Georgia R School ( All of the videos associated with this online R course, as well as dozens of other multi-month R courses (and all scripts, files, slides, exercises and data sets) are all available, on an all-inclusive basis, through May of 2013, to anyone with an inexpensive ($100-$125) user account with the non-profit Georgia R School (see Anyone on earth with an Internet connection may participate. A course syllabus is here: The course runs live on Tuesdays from Oct 9, 2012 through Feb 26, 2013 from 11:30AM-1:00PM ET and utilizes R Project software ( and the RStudio ( Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Unlike most application development courses taught in the R environment, this course instructs with respect to “general-purpose” application development, as opposed to strictly statistical-simulation-monte carlo methods-type R applications. The course instructor is a PhD 20-year university professor with 30 years of experience in the software development industry. Course participants receive all live class session recordings, as well as all daily course exercises and solutions, R scripts, data files, documentation, slides and software (is freely available at and Registration will remain open throughout October at discounted costs here:


Tara Frazier says:

Thank you so much for being knowledgeable and explaining in a manner to be actually understood. I’ve clicked on many videos and couldn’t decipher anything for the life of me. I’m registered for a class that is to start March. I always like to be ahead and have a good handle before class. By the time the class start, I probably won’t even need it; other than for the certificate.

kaui lani says:

I use Tinn R. Not R studio.

Richard Smart says:

Awesome course, I’m loving it. I particularly love listening to you solve teething problems (eg the missing z.R) – from someone relatively new to programming and trying to achieve it without being in a classroom with direct access to tutors who can help, its encouraging to see how easily some problems can be fixed with a bit of logic and perseverance. It’s very easy to spend significant amounts of time trying to problem solve some infuriatingly basic things and end up giving up.

Yang Bai says:

Great resource for R beginners! Thanks!

j7engel says:

Thank you!

Mohamed Alawi says:


Mohamed Alawi says:


akmal niazi khan says:

Programming is combination of intelligent and creative work. Programmers can do anything with code. The entire Programming tutorials that you mention here on this blog are awesome. Beginners Heap also provides latest tutorials of Programming from beginning to advance level. Be with us to learn programming in new and creative way.

Harvey says:

Hi guys I am looking for resources that integrated automated trading and R programming, can someone point me in the right direction ??

Shripad Chitnis says:

Great resource !!

Mohamed Alawi says:

fart it all out

Wesley Mogaka says:

Wonderful course! I just started learning R today and am enjoying every bit!

shirleywu says:

Thanks for the resource!

MySchizo Buddy says:

can you please create a playlist for this series so that it plays in sequence.

Random Bunny says:

thank you so much for this videos!!

Stephen says:

Great video!

Mubarak Alhassan says:

Please Do not pick up any pace. You are a master communicator, and multidimensional explanations enrich understanding. 

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