R programming for beginners – statistic with R (t-test and linear regression) and dplyr and ggplot

R programming for beginners – This video is an introduction to R programming in which I provide a tutorial on some statistical analysis (specifically using the t-test and linear regression). I also demonstrate how to use dplyr and ggplot to do data manipulation and data visualisation. Its R programming for beginners really and is filled with graphics, quantitative analysis and some explanations as to how statistics work. If you’re a statistician, into data science or perhaps someone learning bio-stats and thinking about learning to use R for quantitative analysis, then you’ll find this video useful. Importantly, R is free. If you learn R programming you’ll have it for life.

This video was sponsored by the University of Edinburgh. Find out more about their programmes at http://edin.ac/2pTfis2

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Wai Lun Suen says:

Hi Greg! Thanks for your videos! I rarely (if ever) comment on videos but I’m just really grateful for the work you’re doing here – I’m taking a major in data analytics with a minor in public health, and your videos give me a much needed glimpse into what I might be doing in the future!

Adubang'o Undendere says:

Thank you for the great video but i am failing to read the “gapminder”dataset in my Rstudio version 3.3.2. looks like “gapminder” is built under version 3.3.3. So what can i do without needing to install the version 3.3.3? Thank you for helping


Thank you for sharing this!

MisterBassBoost says:

Awesome video,Keep it up!

Chris Stout says:

Hear, hear, another great one Dr. Martin…!

charleefr says:

Very good demo of what R is capable of !

Emeka Ikegwuonu says:

I downloaded R 3.4.2 and R studio, but I cannot download the gapminder data. It displays a warning message with data set ‘gapminder’ not found.

camhaw says:

Great video! Thank you so much for this! I’ll share it with colleagues who are intimidated by R but want to learn 🙂

Tofu Kingpin says:

For a simple analysis like your examples, what are the advantages of R over Excel or MATLAB? I’ve done statistical analysis using the latter two programs and I have a feeling that R is better than Excel by having more pre-programmed functions and graphs specifically for statistical analysis, and R is better than MATLAB due to it be simpler to use and easier to understand than MATLAB.

Tony C says:

When doing the code gapminder %>%
select(country, lifeExp)
i get error could not find function “%>%”. Does anyone know how to fix this or stuck with the same issue?

Rex Evan says:

This is really useful. Thank you, OP 😀

NotUnSeen says:

Great intro!

laga says:

Any exam i can do to get a certification on basic R?

Stephane Labossiere says:

This video reinforced the materials I have learned in my program, but I will definitely explore R more. It is a great statistical skill to have.

mayaslifeonearth says:

What’s the best to learn for the Health Promotion/Behavioral Science field? SPSS, SAS, or R? Everyone at my school has this debate going on, no one can seem to agree.

Carlos Daboin says:

Great video, at first I thought this was a channel for data science tutorials only. You did a great job summarizing R programming and it would be great to see you going deeper on ggplot2 and regular R programming by separate.

chouaib bio says:

One of the best R tutorials that I ever seen, thank you vary much, I wich that you will bring more.

Dr.Gyanaranjan Padhy says:

Dear Greg Martin,R Programming introduced by you is highly appreciable.I have sent to all my beginners.Thanks,Dr.Gyanaranjan Padhy

Jonathan says:

the statistical part is a bit unprecise and incorrec in a general contextt!!!

Priyanka Rana says:

You just developed my interest in R. Thank you for presenting it in such an interesting way. It was amazing!

ariane abreu says:

Hi Greg. Loving your videos. I’m an epidemiologist in Brazil. My major is Bachelor in Collective Health.
I woul like to suggest if you could do a video about gleamviz and how to understand and create epidemiology models for diseases control.
Thank you 🙂

Nick Leeds says:

Why only one video on R??? Also, I need to put on presentation where I state a hypothesis and then either accept or reject. Any suggestions

Beauty Deegan says:

You are an amazing teacher

Brandon Bullough says:

Great video, I would love for you to do another one on R. We all have so much data and need to think of ways we can visualize it in a meaningful way.

Subina Upadhyaya says:

Very informative!! I am just a beginner to this analysis tool. Looking forward to many other videos in R programming 🙂

Terry L Schmidt DrHA says:

Dr Martin does it again. Thank you University of Edinburgh for making it possible. For my graduate students – this is Wonderful to introduce R programming. Important skill development for research data studies. Thanks, Greg.

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