R programming for beginners – Why you should use R

R programming is typically used to analyze data and do statistical analysis. In this video, I talk about why R is a better option than other statistical packages and software options (including SPSS, STATA, SAS etc.) I also give a short demonstration in which I calculate the mean, median of two variables, plot a histogram and calculate the correlation coefficient.


Keith Roberts says:

Interesting video Greg. Look forward to learning more.

Dr.Gyanaranjan Padhy says:

Dear Greg Martin,excellent idea.I have sent this to my friends.Thanks.Dr.Gyanaranjan Padhy

Alexandru Constantin says:

Very good introduction to this channel and R!

Monika Shrestha says:

Thanks for the video. I have been using SPSS for a while and want to switch to R. But I wanted to know if R is only for big data? I have around 400 sample that I need to analyse using regression.

Sophie Bae says:

what is the difference between t.test and cor.test?

drake redwind01 says:


Fernando Camargo says:

I have just subscribed to your channel, looking forward to more videos. Tks

Mohammed Salman says:

This is great. I look forward to mastering R. One of the best skills I can gain as a public health practitioner.

bakalogatos7 says:

Hello Greg. Your videos are really helpful but the most important is that are also enjoyable. I have studied statistics and business analytics and you helped me a lot to understand how to code. Hopefully the learnmore365.com to be launched soon and enroll. In the meantime if i can enroll in something else of your courses i would be glad to hear ! Cant wait 🙂 greeting from Greece

aybüke ece ulutaş says:

Thank you ☺️

Van West says:

Thanks, I’m sharing this channel with my friends, we are all soil scientists and are in the process of learning R and these videos are awesome! We are data heavy and have had limited means to analyze our data other than excel; R will transform how we analyze and explain our data.

Khash Roo says:

Your videos are really good , but is saying R becoming really popular these days ? all I’m hearing is python !

Allani Pavan says:

Thanks wonderful. Looking forward for more videos.

Terry L Schmidt DrHA says:

Dr Martin – Another wonderful resource you are directly statistical novices towards. Great idea to start a YouiTube Channel.

Muwonge Joseph Junior says:


Ilan Arvelo says:

Great video!

abdulrub bin mohsin says:

awesome . now got the idea why using R.

Ivansnooze says:

I like your video. Hopefully more content will arrive soon. Thanks in advance!

David Ramos says:

Can’t wait. Learned a little bit of SPSS already and I want to transition to R. Got a book on it but it is a little bit confusing.

Mamunur Rashid says:

Thanks for the video! I think the main reason behind people are using R is that it’s free! However, I myself don’t find easy way to write codes and commands. It’s maybe because my background is not in statistics or in mathematics. So look forward to having more videos on how to make R more easy.

Tek O'Michael says:

Thank you Dr Martin, though I have a little R language experience, unlike other videos yours is much fan and easy to understand and follow and your presentation made me eager to learn more about R. Hope to see more videos!

Jeff Nash says:

The presentation and its clarity are excellent. Your enthusiasm shines through. I look forward to seeing more.

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