R Programming Tutorial – 10 – Getting Specific Items from a Vector

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Brendan Sullivan says:

R Programming Tutorial – 10 – Getting Specific Items from a Vector

Miguel Lara says:

I can’t see anything. Consider recording in smaller windows, zoom in or increase the letters size. My internet is slow for 1080p

dltdga says:

I’m not sure if Bucky replies to these comments or not but..
Why did you choose codeblocks over MS Visual c++? At first I used codeblocks but I’m liking the look of VS better. Also, how much c++ should I know before I tackle something like SDL or SFML? If you can reply, that would make my day. xD


cameron baker says:

Hey bucky can you please do a series on untiy android game development. Theres not many good tutorials out there and you ahev down series on 3d mxs and JavaScript so j think I would suit the channel. Thanks

Sc0p 5h0tz says:

plese go back to c++

Slyth2727 says:

I like this language so far.

Capt. Fantastic says:


Cory Simms says:

Im triggerd by the fact that vectors dont start at 0

Arbind Kumar says:

very difficult to read anything, video quality is very poor.

UltraMovies says:

u just got a new subscriber sir ..cheers

George Perakis says:

Hello Bucky, 
I wanna ask…
How can you take e,g the 3rd item and a range of 7-9 items of a vector in one command? 
Thanx in advance for your help. 
Your videos are awesome btw!

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