R Programming Tutorial – 13 – Lists

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mateo sindičić says:

BUCKY! People are mad! So am I! Do you remember:
Java Game Development with Slick
Series? Will you continue it? Cmn Bucky! Please

Józek z krainy brzózek says:

drugi komentarz 😉

Hassy says:

Help me with c++ plz

Yury Sambale says:

Tighten up this up ….that’s what she said… loooll you are funny man!

Mohammed Saad says:

Hey bucky! You are the best teacher!

Mohammed Saad says:

2nd comment

Akhil Gajjala says:

The way you teach R makes it so much easier to learn. Thanks Bucky!!!

Ujwal Dey says:

Holy shit…first I’m doing an online tutorial with tears of laughter down my face

Scepto says:

Hey Bucky, I was wondering if you, Adam, or any other guy could make a C++ guide with SDL and OpenGL, because I really want to make a game some or another time!

Jake J says:

Error in C(“favenum”, “favfood”, “favvector”, “goodfood”, “favdata”) : 
  object not interpretable as a factor

Not sure why i am getting this error. Does anyone know?

Mohammed Saad says:

Hey bucky! You are the best teacher!

conan liang says:

This is truly helpful, if possible can you make the R studio in full screen mode, it would be easier for us to see!

Mohammed Saad says:

2nd comment

James Barrett says:

Listception I actually laughed out loud at that. Any plans to do more R vids Bucky?

Telopathic Psychnopath says:

1st comment

Capt. Fantastic says:

Hero <3

Bharat Ram Ammu says:

Hey Bucky, I have a problem with accessing the age column of my dataframe stored in my list with the shortcut. The output is NULL. PFA the snapshot and look into it? Thanks!

Vincent Levinger says:

Hey Bucky, quick question

I notice that in the last example where you add Hannah’s name to the list, the console returns something interesting.

From what I can tell, the code

buckysList[[“sistersName”]] <- "Hannah" Returns this $sistersName [1] "Hannah" This looks the same as if you were calling it with the $ in the code. Does R do this just to confirm that that value was added to the list, or am I missing something? Thanks man, really enjoying the tutorials!

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