R Programming Tutorial – 14 – Matrix

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Shawn says:

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Yoyomah20 says:

this is the real bucky!!!

Gaurav Gupta says:

Great Efforts Buddy… You made it clear and crisp.. thanks!

Akhil Gajjala says:

You’ve really opened my mind, Bucky.

Capt. Fantastic says:


Randomyou101 says:

First to says first to say first

Moin Iqbal says:

Big fan of this channel. Can you please do a C program (maybe paste the solution here) where we can calculate the power of a square matrix without using pow(x,y), i.e. using multidimensional arrays? For example, for a given 2×2 matrix M, I want to calculate M^2 or M^3, etc. Would really appreciate the help. Thanks.

ssrrapper says:

So multiplying matrices in R (at least this method) is a bit different than the traditional matrix multiplication method of using the dot product of the rows of matrix 1 and columns of matrix 2.

Junwei Zhang says:

Really like tutorials like this, explain everything in detail, hope to learn more from you

64ccd says:

I’d pay you to keep these coming. I’ve learned so much in just a day watching these.

Siddhant Kahal says:

When creating a matrix, what decides the number of columns?

Dawid Cz says:

the git tutorial is finished?

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