R Programming Tutorial – 15 – How to Read CSV Files

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David says:

Hey Bucky when are we going to get the other videos about stats and graphs and all that good stuff 😉

They Pheaktra says:

Nice tutorial.! Please will make “Hadoop Tutorial”.

Oneironaut says:

Hey Bucky, I’m a new subscriber and I just want to tell you that I appreciate this tutorial. I have managed to get my brother who is a scientist in the field of biology to watch the first few episodes. Most scientists suck at programming and statistics so keep this up and we might be able to contribute to something bigger… like a non-sucky scientist 🙂

blox6137 says:

Bucky, can you teach us Lua? Several games use this scripting language such as Gmod, and ROBLOX, and apparently Dont Starve. so does WoW.

Bruce Levy says:

First time with R going through your videos. How do you all remember all these commands and stuff?

asqn007 says:

It is also possible to just write F/T instead of FALSE/TRUE and everything will be the same. Plus you can use read.table function that can also make the same data.frame and I hope you will show attach function next time (just a small hints)

I really love your tuts and I hope I will learn much more from your vids. You are making this world better! 🙂

Nigel Barink says:

Can’t wait for the next one ! Awesome series bucky

Jaini Shah says:

it is what it is

Grim Reaper says:

First! 😀


Error in file(file, “rt”) : cannot open the connection
In addition: Warning message:
In file(file, “rt”) :
cannot open file ‘br- Sheet1,True,’: No such file or directory
> fish
Error: object ‘fish’ not found

Blueprint says:

Hey Bucky could you please teach R with a backend language such as PHP or Python? Please!

naison mandigo says:

bro you are heavy…thank you so much

Eden Buke says:

Hi Bucky, can you give as some tutor on matlab; specially on image processing using matlab.

Jasmine S says:

i keep getting Error in file(file, “rt”) : cannot open the connection
In addition: Warning message:
In file(file, “rt”) : cannot open file ‘SEO’: No such file or directory

mizanoor rahman says:


JIE QI says:

thank you man

Java-Tutorial says:

Very nice …

jg b says:

Couple notes
1. Excel files have multiple pages, but CSV files may only have 1
2. The CSV must be formatted such that only a header and columns of homogeneous values are present (he alluded to this already by saying it will be read as a data frame rather than generally as a list)
3. The data frame and CSV will not save formulaic data from an Excel file, but rather just the final numerical output of those formulae to each cell
4. Obviously, it also doesn’t save any aesthetic changes to the cells or font, so a lot of data may be lost in this transfer if the original file is Excel
5. CSVs cells also are not able to refer to cells from other files; they’re kind of dumb in general.


Here’s a linear regression of the CSV file that used in this tutorial:
csvFile <- read.csv("D:/Projects_Programming/R/brUsers.csv",TRUE,",") plot(csvFile$age, csvFile$income, xlab = "Age", ylab = "Income") ageMean <- mean(csvFile$age, na.rm = T) ageMean abline(v=ageMean) model1 = lm(income~age, data=csvFile) abline(model1, col="red") summary(model1) ---------------Have fun---------------------------------------------- =D

JP Santiago says:

it would be nice if you zoomed in so that we can see the script

Eden Goldfarb says:

hey man just wanted to share my gratitude!

Tobias Dettinger says:

first error: more columns than column names.
second error file not foind, i had in in my Documents.

Scott Re says:

Hey Bucky, great series but you stopped when it started to get interesting (plotting).

zakaria sediki says:

hey bucky, can you please upload more videos, i can’t wait.

Dan simi says:

where is the link for csv file ?

Daan Burgering says:

Thanks Bucky!!
This is a new program for me and your tutorials really help me!!
Keep it up!!

BonJoviFan13 says:

Wheres the link for the csv file? 🙁

Blake Starling says:

Thanks a ton for these tutorials, you make learning programming simple and approachable 🙂

Rashmi Dogra says:

How can we set the path …..setwd()..getting error in Mac

Matthew Donovan says:

No link for the csv file =/

Badplum25 says:

Mwahahaha time to hack clash of clans :p

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