R Programming Tutorial – 2 – Downloading RStudio

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Shubham Saha says:

It’s 2018 and you are really awesome Bucky!

LightningGmr says:

loving that background xD

HAT_E says:


Inoqut Kristensen says:

It’s never been funnier to watch things get downloaded

Stainly Stewart says:

Looking for HTML5 game development tuts.

Simon says:

Bucky, have you finished uploading your Git tutorials?

Nate Neu says:

Starcraft II

Andrew Miller says:

I downloaded it but all I get when I click on it is the “Console”.

ToQcHistaa says:

What don’t you know?

David says:

Can’t wait to get my hands dirty in the next video!!

Brendan Sullivan says:

R Programming Tutorial – 2 – Downloading RStudio

Chris Barker says:

Oh nice background

Capt. Fantastic says:

You are my Hero, Bucky!!

Haasan Spiegelman says:

Thanks bucky , my mom is a statistics doctor and advise me to learn R . and now you surprise me again when I found this toutrials . You’re awesome .Welcome back.

Zersix says:


Jordan Rayfield says:

You said in the last video that you needed a new computer, but rstudio downloaded ten times faster on your’s than than mine and I have a great, fairy new computer….damn….

Abhimanyu Asokan says:

Bucky my man, i am watching this from office and this is Megan Fox is getting me unwanted attention.

User User says:

The stories are worth the view

Medaka says:

what is R?

futuredeath says:

R Programming featuring Megan Fox 😀

soumya sarkar says:

starting another one of ur awesome lecture series

Michael Scott says:

Ohhhh shit bro! You need to update Google Chrome!

Alin Popescu says:

Hey, great tutorials on R!
Unfortunately the code that you type no longer seems to work with the current R and RStudio versions. I notice that you use R – 3.1.0 with RStudio 0.98.945. I managed to find the former but not the latter. Any idea where I can find RStudio version 0.98.945 available for download?

Nightvision Games says:

sexy background 😛

FlyMario says:

lol at the sauce story!  

sabita yadav says:

This 1 is more better

HikikomoriGamer says:

I really like his idea of making the tutoriasl as accessible as possiible to people who might be unfamiliar with computing or might be in the very early stages of it… You can come from zero coding knowledge and build up from here without limit. That`s gold in my opinion. I myself am not a novice coder (But I still suck honestly) but I truly believe that this can help the many people of those types of categories in such astronomical scales. Bucky is legendary, and I think he is a gift to YouTube and the world wide web in general. A+++!

uizzmedia says:

Hey Bucky you should watch some proper story-telling tutorials every now and then lol

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